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Talking Comics Book Club: Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Talking Comics Book Club: Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Welcome once again to the Talking Comics Book Club! What you’ll find here is a closed panel discussion featuring members of the Talking Comics staff and a few of our close friends, fans, and contributors. This week, Steve Seigh, Mr. Bob Reyer,  Carolyn Cocca, Kelly Herron, Justin Townson, Ryan Carroll, and Daniel Hoover dissect and dive into Ed Brubaker’s Captain America: The Winter Soldier. We  give our detailed thoughts of the book in a laid back Q + A style forum. Join us as we get deep about the art, atmosphere, and heroics of one of the most influential and significant Captain America stories ever told!

Please be aware that the following webcast contains MAJOR SPOILERS for those that have yet to read the book. Proceed with caution and enjoy the show!

Book Club Panel Twitter Contacts:

Steve Seigh is @dead_anchoress

Kelly Herron is @kellyherron27

Justin Townson is @joroak

Ryan Carroll is @RCcarroll31

Thanks so much for checking out the Talking Comics Book Club. We’ll be back next month with another webcast, another book, and maybe a few special guests! Cheers!

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