Sandman Overture #2 Review

Sandman Overture #2

Writer: Neil Gaiman

Artist: J.H. Williams III

Colors: Dave Stewart

Review by Patrick Brennan

When it was announced promptly after its debut issue that Sandman Overture’s second installment would be delayed by 5 months, many of us didn’t know what to think.  The book we held in our hands at the time was definitely fantastic, sporting some incredible artwork from J.H. Williams III and the type of mind-bending storytelling we’d come to expect from Neil Gaiman, but it was still disheartening to find out we were back to playing the waiting game.  All you could do was tell yourself, however uneasily, that it would be worth the wait as long as the next issue’s quality didn’t dip.  Well Sandman Overture #2 is here and fans will be happy to know that they will feel many things with this issue, none of which will be disappointment.

Sandman 2 coverThis issue finds the various multiverse incarnations of Dream working together to figure out the cause of their sudden and unexpected gathering.  There are strange happenings afoot to be sure, but whom are they coming from?  Meanwhile, in a different point in time, Dream pays a visit to fan favorite Mad Hettie in an attempt to retrieve an item he left with the witch.

Just as we saw with its debut, Sandman Overture continues to walk the line between complex surrealistic fantasy and muddled incoherency.  Gaiman’s narrative style is exhilarating, forcing you to hold on for dear life as the story unfolds before you.  However, because of his nonlinear form it can be a little overwhelming at times.  This book is not a one-time read like other comics; it feels almost like a sponge that has to be rung out a few times to make sure any details aren’t missed.  Some will find this makes for a rich comic book reading experience, while other will certainly be put off by it.

J.H. Williams III continues his streak of brain meltingly imaginative and surreal imagery, offering artwork that feels truly special and unique.  The scenes involving the meeting of the Dreams is especially fun: it feels almost like you’re pouring over the pages of a far trippier version of one of those old “Eye Spy” books.  This is definitely some of his best work to date, and it’s hard to imagine what he’ll have in store for us next issue.


Buy It – The wait is over and it was well worth it; Sandman Overture #2 delivers a visually stunning, suspenseful, and delightfully disorienting new installment.

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