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From the Forums: 2.19.14

First and foremost, I want to call attention to the new podcast from Talking Comic Books contributors Stephanie Cooke, Mara Wood, and Melissa Megan: The Missfits! The show is available for download RIGHT NOW, so check it out! And don’t forget to suggest posts and talk about episodes in the forums!

For this week on From the Forum, I’ve decided to step away from comic books a bit and see what else is on your minds. Let’s see, shall we?

> We have a few avid pro wrestling fans who aren’t afraid to let their colors show. If you’re also a fan, drop by and say hi!

> One of the hottest threads on the site is the Top 5 Albums thread. This week, sammiecastle shared his Top 5 featuring some legends of heavy metal (and now I can’t get Shout At The Devil out of my head.) The conversation turned briefly to the god of thunder, Thor (shown above), before tooth, Zooma, and deadanchoress–Talking Comics’s own Steve Seigh–chimed in with their own Top 5’s.
And to Steve I say: “The only thing better than a tool album is the next tool album.”

> procrastronaut couldn’t wait to mention the Guardians of the Galaxy trailer as early as last Tuesday, but now that it’s here the forum seems to agree that it looks like something awesome this way comes.
jorak says: “Yeah. This looks just as awesome as I hoped. YAY”
IncredibeD feels the same way: “Just saw the trailer, and yup, it looks amazing!”

> For  Talking Comics fans, the big news for Avengers 2 is not that the film began shooting this week in Johannesburg, South Africa, but rather that Paul Bettany, voice of Jarvis and the guy who can never seem to keep his clothes on, will be playing The Vision.
deadfett has some interesting theories about the origin of Ultron based on this announcement, but I’m not going to quote him in case it ends up being a spoiler. Read for yourself here.
and mknight said: “I’m excited for Vision and I think Paul Bettany is a great choice.”

> Forum Avenger and Talking Comics contributor Travis McCollum (xtjmac510x) is keeping everyone up to date on all our favorite geek adjacent activities. Check out his new column on the site, TV Time, and keep an eye out for his news stories there as well as his valiant efforts in the forums to keep us all up to date on the latest in video games, TV, and comics. Keep up the great work!

> We had nine new members join us this week, as well as three more since Monday–when I was supposed to have this up. 😛

> The most pulled books this week are Batman #28, She-Hulk #1, Superior Spider-Man #27.NOW, All-New X-Men #23, and we have a three-way tie for 5th place with Avengers #26, Deadpool #23, and All-New X-Factor #3. All hail the king.
Have a great week everyone! Keep talking at us in the Forums!



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