Alex + Ada #4 Review

Alex + Ada #4 Review

Written by Jonathan Luna and Sarah Vaughan

Art by Jonathan Luna

Have you ever been in love? Have you ever wanted to love someone so much that you were willing to do whatever it would take to attain it? Personally, I’ve loved, and lost, and have been fortunate enough to discover love once more … and there’s nothing I won’t do to keep it safe.

Here in this issue, we’re steadily learning that Alex is a rather curious sort, and that he’ll do just about anything to give Ada a chance at being sentient and free. I spoke on this last month in my review for Alex + Ada #3, but I’m over the moon for the way in which Alex desires for Ada to be her own woman, and I find that detail about him to be truly endearing.

Moving on, this issue picks up right where we left off, with Alex set to explore the inside of an online community,  searching for answers to his curiosities and questions regarding Ada, his Tanaka X5 companion droid. For those of you who have been with Alex from the very beginning, this is your “information” issue. Yup. This is when you’re going to have many of your questions about the functionality, inner workings, and seemingly limitless capabilities of the Tanaka X5 answered. So sit tight, get comfortable, and prepare to play God.

The story of Alex + Ada has been engaging, horrific, and beautiful since the start, and issue #4 shows no signs of this book dipping in its complexity. Luna’s art continues to be a bit scarce on detail, but remains all too perfect for the world in which the story of Alex + Ada takes place.  Additionally, Vaughan gives further evidence of having crafted us all an emotionally complex and inherently rewarding story about love, intrigue, and desire.

Verdict: I can’t recommend this comic enough! With every passing issue I am finding that I have nothing but positive feedback for you all about Alex + Ada. Each and every issue lends to the  intensity and mystery of the last, making it an absolute buy for any comic book fan. Sure, it’ll help if you’re into sci-fi, or perhaps have a bit of an android fetish, but as long as you’re a fan of the “slow burn versus big rewards” approach to storytelling – Alex + Ada will leave you wanting more every time.

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