She-Hulk #1


Writer: Charles Soule

Artist: Javier Pulido

Colorist: Muntsa Vicente

Letterer: VC’s Clayton Cowles

Review by Suzanne Nagda

“No one is only one thing.”

Jennifer Walters is a legacy character with a rich and complex history (as Bob Reyer can attest). Seriously, her Wikipedia page is as lengthy as Tolstoy’s War and Peace and possibly just as dense. Is she still the violent, quick-tempered hero of her early days? Or does she pair better with a quirky tone, like Dan Slott’s run of She-Hulk or Matt Fraction’s FF? Thankfully, the first issue blends new-reader sensibilities with respectful nods to the past. My biggest question is–WHEN IS SHE GOING TO BREAK THE FOURTH WALL?

Readers get a glimpse into the life of She-Hulk: Super Lawyer. Jennifer quits/gets fired from her corporate gig and shakes it off by hiding out in a bar full of lawyers. Fast forward a few panels–she takes on an impossible case and fights back against the man (a.k.a. Tony Stark and his legion of lawyer robots). Jennifer kicks the robots back into the ’90s and gets paid a tidy sum for her efforts. She opens up her own practice and gives Charles Soule an excuse to show off his expertise as a lawyer.

Soule maintains a careful balance between poking fun at the legal profession and giving agency to She-Hulk. Who hasn’t heard a lawyer joke, right? Jennifer meets one of Tony Stark’s employees who actually says (in a deadpan voice, I imagine): “I am neither bad nor good. I am simply legal.” She-Hulk comes off as instantly likeable and fun. Her biggest appeal seems to be her confidence–she is proud of being herself and isn’t afraid to show her strength.

Javier Pulido wins me over here with his ability to capture physical comedy. He highlights She-Hulk’s reaction to being fired in two panels that reflect her bold personality. Pulido also uses some inventive panel layouts–I think he’s bringing his A-game to this series.

My only complaint is that the book may be overburdened with dialogue. At times this works to great effect–like with Legal citing rules and regulations. Yet I hope Soule can bring more action to the next issue.

THE VERDICT: Buy it! Soule and Pulido bring out the best elements from a fan-favorite character. This is a book for readers who have grim-and-gritty fatigue. She-Hulk is a fun start to what looks to be a great addition to All-New Marvel NOW!

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