Doop To Get His Own Series In April


Earlier this week the news came out that something related to Peter Milligan’s run on X-Force, as evidenced by the teaser with Doop speech, would be getting its own series come this April. As it turns out, Doop himself is getting his own series in the form of a five issue limited series. Written by his creator Peter Milligan and featuring art by David LaFuente, the series will focus on what Doop was doing during the events of the X-Men crossover event “Battle of the Atom.” Doop has made himself known recently with appearances in Jason Aaron’s Wolverine and the X-Men and A+X, but he hasn’t the spotlight all to himself since X-Force.’

Why Doop though? What is the reasoning behind creating a Doop limited series? In an interview with Marvel, Milligan explained:

Doop has been a character that’s close to my heart, and probably several other organs to boot. The very idea that such a bizarre being could still be going strong in the Marvel Universe is, I suppose, a kind of testament to his strange power… [Maybe] it’s the combination of his look with the kind of stories he’s involved in; the way he lives in the margins, the charm. It’s been more than a decade since he first appeared and he remains mysterious. He definitely has something.

Milligan also went on to say that while Doop can be written in a comedic light, his story and the story he’s involved in are not a comedy:

I don’t consider that I’m writing a comedy. This Doop story is in fact deadly serious. And I think writers can go wrong with Doop if they consider him a comedy character.  The absurdist, Milligan-esque humor that comes from the story comes from the yawning chasm that exists between what Doop considers normal—i.e. himself—and what the rest of the known universe would deem normal—i.e. everything Not-Doop.

All New Doop #1 (of 5) will be released in April.

What are your thoughts on Doop getting his own series? Are you going to read it? Would you read a Doop ongoing if it came to that? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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