FF #15 Review


Writers: Matt Fraction and Lee Allred

Artist: Michael Allred

Colorist: Laura Allred

Review by Suzanne Nagda

Why does this book have to end so soon? FF is one of the most enjoyable, quirkiest comics on the stands right now. There’s a huge cast of adults and kids alike, all skillfully handled by Lee Allred following the departure of series scribe Matt Fraction. Part of the appeal of this book is the Kirby-style action and science fiction elements. Where else are you going to read about “Team Caesar” and “Team Sun Tzu” battling with giant robots?

This issue picks up with the FF preparing for war (in rhyme, of course). The kids of the Future Foundation use remote-controlled Thing Suits to begin the assault. Which feels a lot like competitive video gaming and looks just as fun. Bentley-23 adds a juvenile spin on this with his halfhearted villainy. Meanwhile, Julius Caesar and Sun Tzu bicker over tactics and who casts the longest shadow. Alex Power and Ahura have their own mission, since they’re like practically adults. Then it’s up to the actual adults to take down Dr. Doom, or Doom the Annihilating Conqueror or whoever he is this issue. There’s some interesting cameos and an unexpected twist that has me anticipating the series’ final issue. No spoilers here!

Michael Allred brings so much to this book as a whole, and a bombastic energy to this particular issue. He borders many of the pages with silly Thing Suits battling Doom’s lackeys. There’s a great balance of humor and seriousness–a trademark of this series. As usual, Laura Allred makes the pencils pop with her playful colors. I’m going to miss the heart and characterization this artistic team brings to the kids of the Future Foundation.

The Verdict: Buy, definitely buy. With the series wrapping up next month, the plot to “End Doom” is almost at an end. You want to be around to see how this one shakes out. FF works on different levels–from Scott Lang’s journey and the loss of his daughter, Cassie, to the world of the Inhumans (pre-Infinity and the fall of Attilan, as far as I can tell). If you haven’t been reading, where have you been for the past year? I wouldn’t recommend this as a jumping-on point, but I would definitely go back to FF #11 for some context. Even readers who don’t care for the Fantastic Four (myself included) should give this a try.

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