POLL: Best Comics of 2013 Part One

Welcome to our annual Best Of Comics list. This is P1 of 3 that’ll be released over the holiday season and winners will be announced on our show on January 8, 2013. Our reasons for why each selection was made can be heard on this week’s podcast, which you can listen to here. Here us out and make your decision below:

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  1. Best Publisher – I would really want to go with Valiant Entertainment but I think that they will definitely be a top pick a few years down the line once they are able to expand their line with more diverse series. They are stating to do so with Quantum and Woody but it would be nice to see some all ages content in some form. That being said Image have been the top dogs in 2013. Even ignoring the amazing talent they haven drawn to their side and the constant instant classics being produced there, more than anything it is their work ethic and attitude to changing the way that comics are both produced, distributed and consumed. They allow creators to be able to stretch their creativity whilst not being a threat or competition in the superhero wars. They give reader the choice to buy physical, digital via Comixology and DRM free in a variety of formats all same day release. Image have truly begun a turn in the way creators are viewing the industry and it is now popular and in some cases profitable to never even go near the Big 2 or 3.

    Best Cover – Rocket Girl #2. Amy Reeder has stated on her podcast ‘Podcorn’ that she is very inspired by the 80s design and aesthetic and the cover to this particular issue, fitting as Dayoung Johansson has now travelled back to the 80s, is reminiscent of an old VHS tape cover. It also shows the protagonist, a non white teenage girl in a very relaxed almost contemplative position which is a nice change from either the standard superhero pose or the over sexualised ridiculous poses from some companies leading ladies.

    Best Web Comic/Digital Comic – Adventures of Superman. I personally love the Man of Steel summer blockbuster, but having read other classic Superman stories I do understand where opponents to the film are coming from. Adventures of Superman seems to have been the remedy for many of those woes. Short one to three issue arcs by some of the industries best and brightest its a treat to find out what is next. Some of the best moment of the year in comics for me have come from this series, in particular issues #4 & #15 which need to be read by all!

    Breakthrough Writer – Ales Kot on the strength of Zero alone. This guy is going to be a persistent force in comics for a long time. He’s already dabbling in almost every company and has a great relationship with Image.

    Breakthrough Artist – Amy Reeder for Rocket Girl which hopefully sky rockets into the stratosphere and gets her onto some sweet titles at Marvel and or DC

  2. Mike, I would have to agree with Valiant, but Quantum and Woody is definitely not all ages material. For me, Valiant’s appeal is more of superheroes for adults. There is no need to pander to a younger audience. I read my fair share of kids/all-ages comics, but I like having a place to go that isn’t for them.

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