Alex + Ada #2 Review

Alex + Ada #2 Review

Story & Script by Sarah Vaughn

Story, Script Assists, Illustrations, Letters, & Design by Jonathan Luna

Review written by Steve Seigh

Alex + Ada is already so many things. For me, it feels like an elaborate and emotional Twilight Zone episode. Others might groove on its’s future-day science fiction romance angle, or the idea of reading a book that circles hungerly above a tragic taboo. For me, it’s all of these things and so much more … and we’re only at issue #2 of #15!

Alex + Ada #2 picks up right where we left Alex and his Tanaka X5 at the end of issue #1. Alex, hardly able to form whole sentences, stares on, as the humanoid inside of his living room makes her cheerful introduction. This exchange brought about for me an overwhelming sense of awkwardness and I appreciated every panel of it. What would you do if something that looked, sounded, and acted like a real live human being thought it was a pleasure to make your acquaintance? Would you be cold and snub the smiling robot? I sure hope not. Me? I would be the type of person who extends his hand in greeting. And no, it would not be easy. I would be mystified, enchanted, and possessed by curiosity to know more about this miracle of machinery standing in front of me, and I’m not afraid to admit it. It might just be a shot in the dark, but I’m fairly certain that’s how Alex felt about his Tanaka X5 before he decided to call her … Ada.

What I appreciate most about Alex + Ada as a series, and something that is emphasized even greater in this second issue – is that it’s what I like to call a “conversation comic”. I could go on for hours about the future that Alex is living in – it’s sterile appearance, its seemingly sophisticated social practices, and the fact that prejudice among men still runs rampant no matter how advanced of a society you become. People will always fear what they do not understand, and I have a feeling that many of the people in Alex and Ada’s life are not going to understand the friendship that they will undoubtedly form as the story continues.

Doesn’t everyone deserve to be loved? If the love is real for them then what should it matter to you, how is it any of your business? Ask yourself these questions as you read Alex + Ada #2 and then tell me if you’re the kind of person who would box up a chance at never being alone and send it back.


A must buy! Some readers might find the pacing of Alex + Ada to be a tad slow, but I like to think of it as a slow burn. We’re only 2 issues into a story of which will take a total of 15 to tell; so sit tight, and enjoy the ride. This is a story about characters, and about people. Don’t be afraid to question what is happening and you’ll have a lot more fun. Dig deep, put yourself in Alex’s shoes and consider what you would do if you were him. Sarah Vaughn and Jonathan Luna are telling a very intriguing and poetic tale thus far, be sure to catch up now before you let too many issues go by.

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