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Superman/Wonder Woman #2 Review


Writer: Charles Soule

Artist: Tony S. Daniel

Inker: Batt with Sandu Florea

Colorist: Tomeu Morey

Review by Suzanne Nagda

Superman/Wonder Woman is a smarter comic book than it deserves to be. By all accounts, it exists to promote DC Comics’ mandate that Superman and Wonder Woman become a couple. What do an alien and a demi-god have in common? Should they even be together outside of Mark Waid’s Kingdom Come? Charles Soule mirrors fans’ strong reactions to the pairing through Superman’s first meeting with Diana’s family.

Wonder Woman and Superman seek out Hephaestus after their initial confrontation with Doomsday. They request a weapon to protect Superman from this great threat. Enter Apollo and Strife–with enough drama to match Zeus’ exploits. Don’t worry if you haven’t been reading Brian Azzarello’s Wonder Woman (I’m behind myself). Soule easily explains Diana’s relationship to the Greek pantheon–no prior knowledge required. SMWW_Cv2_cj7un7437p_

Turns out, the gods are a relatively exclusive bunch who may have strong reactions to Diana being involved with “an outsider.” I wouldn’t complain if the meet-and-greet lasted the whole issue. Soule incorporates the best elements from Azzarello’s Wonder Woman (Strife!) while maintaining a significantly lighter tone. Tony Daniel even channels slapstick comedy in one memorable panel featuring Superman and Apollo.

Still it’s not all fun and games. Superman’s concern about Doomsday foreshadows a larger threat. Soule isn’t afraid to use all of the toys in his sandbox–from Superman and Wonder Woman’s origins. I’m excited to see who will pop up in the next issue and how much of a threat these villains will actually pose to the world’s most powerful couple.

On pencils, Tony Daniel is doing some of his best work on this series so far. He goes outside of his wheelhouse and executes some quieter moments with subtlety. Tomeu Morey’s colors are especially vivid with Hephaestus and his forge as well as Superman’s red eyes.

My only complaint is that I’d love to see more Wonder Woman kicking ass. And less Superman kicking ass for Wonder Woman. Isn’t she supposed to be almost invulnerable herself? It fit the story appropriately, but I wouldn’t want that dynamic to become the status quo for the couple.

The Verdict: Buy It! For those who are squarely on Team Lois, don’t feel that you have to hate this comic. There’s enough fun outside of the Super Couple. Soule and Daniel are bringing together not only Superman and Wonder Woman, but all of the supporting characters that make them so fun to read. Plus, any comic with quirky Cat Grant cameos is worth a look for me.

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