Alex + Ada #1 Review

Alex + Ada #1 Review

Written by Jonathan Luna and Sarah Vaughn

Art, Inks, and Letters by Jonathan Luna

Review written by Steve Seigh

Alex is depressed. About 7 months ago, he and girlfriend Clair called it quits, and he hasn’t been feeling up for doing much of anything since. Thankfully for Alex, all of that is about to AlexAda-01-0b-web72change. You see, today is Alex’s birthday, and his saucy grandmother is about to send him a gift that he will never forget!

Okay kids, gather round! Imagine if you could turn the lights on inside of your home, or start your car, simply by thinking about it. Picture if you will, a time when androids walk the earth and your every whim is their pleasure. Can’t find love? What if you could mail order someone who would directly to your doorstep? I’m not talking about prostitution or that mail-order-bride business, my friend. I’m talking about the learned love of a android-based companion. Interested? Of course you are. Well, lucky for you, and for Alex, Prime Inc. has got the goods.

I’ll just get right to it, I really enjoyed Alex + Ada #1. Yes, it’s a fact that in the past, both Joshua and Jonathan Luna have crafted some of my favorite comic book stories of all time. I whole heatedly recommend all of their works, my personal favorites being The Sword and Girls … so … you know … pick those up and stuff. What I can tell you right off the bat about Alex + Ada #1, is that this is a comic book that wants you to get close to its characters. Vaughn and Luna are clearly in sync with one another, and it’s quiet obvious that we’re going to be hitting some real emotional notes before they’re done telling the story of Alex and his live-in android, Ada.

Think about it for a moment … could you ever see yourself falling in love with someone who isn’t technically alive? I’m not talking necrophilia, you sicko. I’m talking about a program, encased inside of a humanoid body, that can learn how to love you in the exact way you desire to be loved. You’ve got to admit that it’s tempting. I’m fully aware that the ebb and flow of emotions is what makes a relationship a “relationship”, but wouldn’t you at least like to try and see what it’s like if everything were perfect?

These are just a few of the questions and concepts that had manifested themselves inside my head while reading Alex + Ada #1. Understand, I’m a big fan of comics that not only entertain you, but also beg you to think about what you’re reading. The art is of course what you would expect to see from any other Luna series, but you don’t hear me complaining. I find the art to be simple but also rather bold in its presentation. I like that this story doesn’t come with big, bombastic art. I feel like it would in some way take away from what’s truly important here – a story about people, about love.


Alex + Ada #1 is an absolute buy if you ask me. It might not blow your socks off like some of the other major titles, but give it enough time and I’m sure you’ll be hooked in no time. I personally love the slow burn approach to Jonathan Luna and Sarah Vaughn’s new story. If you’ve never had the pleasure of reading a Luna brother story before this is certainly a great place to start.

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