Tainted Meat: A Film by Bobby Shortle

Tainted Meat from Bobby Shortle on Vimeo.

The third part of our food and dummy trilogy. Zombies are on the loose and only the residents of 25 Vera Place can save the world! Starring Bob Reyer, Bobby Shortle, Jay Ormond, Jacqui Turner and Karen Hug. The film also features Erin Carroll, Jeff Schaeffer, Steve Seigh, and Bob Shortle. Big thanks to RJ Weyant to all his help with the practical and digital fx.

Over the last three years myself and a few friends have thrown an annual Halloween bash. Each year at this party we conceived a murder mystery with these films as the finale.

Check them out below!


30 Minutes or Death from Bobby Shortle on Vimeo.

Taste For Death from Bobby Shortle on Vimeo.

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