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Favorite Comic Book Covers of the Week 10/16/13


Favorite Comic Book Covers of the Week 10/16/13

Hey, thanks for checking out Talking Comics: Favorite Comic Book Covers of the Week!

Each and every New Comic Book Release Day is a blessing. It’s the day we’re introduced to new worlds, are able to witness the next chapter in a continuing saga, or fall in love with a character or creator for the first time. I could go on and on, but I think you’ve already gotten my point. That point being … comics are awesome. So awesome in fact that even the covers of them are often times incredible works of art. We’re here to show you some of our  favorite covers each week! So go ahead and take a few moments for yourself (haven’t you earned it?) and feast your eyes on some truly inspired comic book covers!

If you’d like to contribute to this column all you need to do is send Steve an email at, telling him the title of the issue with the cover that you dig, as well as a brief description of why you’re grooving on that particular cover. We’ll try to include as many selections as possible and hope that you enjoy seeing your choices displayed for all of the internet to see.

So without further or due let’s get this week’s selections highlighted!

– Steve Seigh’s Favorite Comic Book Covers of the Week –

Sheltered #4

Co-Created, Written and Lettered by Ed Brisson

Illustrated by Johnnie Christmas

Oh wow! This cover caught my eye right away this afternoon at the comic shop! What a grotesque display of comic art and the colors are ferociously chilling. I had the chance of seeing a print for this cover in person recently at NYCC 2013 and I very nearly bought it. I’m kind of regretting not taking the plunge now that I’m looking at it once again.– Steve Seigh

Zero #2

Written by Ales Kot

Art and Cover by Tradd Moore

Peek-a-boo! I see you!– Steve Seigh

X-Men Legacy #18

Written by Simon Spurier

Cover by Mike Del Mundo

Yet another enjoyable cover from X-Men Legacy and artist Mike Del Mundo. What exactly do you think will happen once the plunger goes down on that detonator? Could it be that all the personalities within Legion’s head will be let loose?– Steve Seigh

Whispers #6

Words and Art by Joshua Luna

It rubs the comic on its skin or else … okay, I’ll stop. It was lame, I know. Anyway, why this cover? Well, it’s Whispers #6! The last issue of the Joshua Luna psychological horror series that started all the way back in January of 2012, Whispers #6 is finally here and I can’t wait to read it! I guess you can say that I like this cover purely out of the excitement that the series is at its end; In a positive way of course!– Steve Seigh

Avengers #21

Written by Jonathan Hickman

Art by Leinil Francis Yu

Cover by Sunny Gho

There’s something rather beautiful about The Universe being bathed in a sickly green light. She looks as if she’s gazing beyond the stars and right into the heart of the cosmos. Gorgeous.– Steve Seigh

– Bob Reyer’s Favorite Comic Book Covers of the Week –

Guardians of the Galaxy #7

Written by Brian Michael Bendis

Art by Sarah Pichelli

Variant Cover by Paola Rivera

I’m a sucker for homage covers, and this Paola Rivera tribute to the EC science fiction comics of the Fifties and the art of Wally Wood and Al Williamson is absolutely spot-on!– Bob Reyer

Guardians of the Galaxy #7

Written by Brian Michael Bendis

Art by Sarah Pichelli

Variant Cover by Skottie Young

I don’t buy GotG, nor do I buy the Skottie Young variants, but I may spring for this one! Is there a better marriage of character to artistic style than this Rocket Raccoon image?– Bob Reyer

Wallace & Gromit: Complete Newspaper Strips Vol. 1

Written by Steve White, various

Art by Mychailo Kazybrid and John Burns

This cover really makes me smile! I’m a big fan of the Aardman Studios output, and until I saw this book listed, I didn’t even know there was aWallace & Gromit newspaper strip! I’m going to have search this one out in person to check the quality of the strips, but that cover is a winner!– Bob Reyer

– Favorite Comic Book Covers of the Week Soundtrack – 

This list was compiled while listening to the album EP† by the band †††.


This list was compiled by Steve Seigh – Executive Editor of Talking Comics. You can hear Steve on the Talking Comics weekly podcast as well as find him on where he writes a featured, bi-weekly column called Ink & Pixel. His Twitter handle is @dead_anchoress.




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