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It was announced earlier this week that DC is planning an 18-part crossover between Justice League Dark, Phantom Stranger, Constantine and Pandora that will start in October’s Justice League Dark #24 and end with March’s  Justice League Dark #29. But what’s bringing about this crossover? As it turns out, the events of Trinity War and Forever Evil are having major effects on DC’s Dark imprint.

*Spoilers for Trinity War (in case you hadn’t read it yet)*

At the end of Trinity War, the Justice League Dark was wiped out, save for Constantine, who had been protected by the House of Mystery. DC’s Editor-in-Chief Bob Harras explains the rest:

“And when he wakes up, Constantine will refuse to believe that his teammates – particularly Zatanna – are dead. Therefore, he casts a spell to locate them … but his search is quickly blocked by a dominant force within the metaphysical world. It seems that the Crime Syndicate’s invasion has significantly enhanced the levels of evil in the universe, and that this evil has a physical manifestation: Blight.

In order to save Zatanna, Constantine will be forced to take on Blight. Along with Swamp Thing, Nightmare Nurse, and the Trinity of Sin themselves – Pandora, Phantom Stranger, and The Question – Constantine will need to defeat Blight if he wants to ever see the woman he loves again. But when Blight becomes aware of Constantine’s quest and draws in a human host to take him down, will Constantine and the army he’s assembled be enough to battle a force that encapsulates all the evil in the world?”

Designs for Blight have already been released (see above) as well as the schedule for those interested in reading the entire story:

Part 1 – Justice League Dark #24
Part 2 – Justice League Dark #25
Part 3 – Trinity of Sin: The Phantom Stranger #14
Part 4 – Constantine #9
Part 5 – Trinity of Sin: Pandora #6
Part 6 – Justice League Dark #26
Part 7 – Trinity of Sin: The Phantom Stranger #15
Part 8 – Constantine #10
Part 9 – Pandora #7
Part 10 – Justice League Dark #27
Part 11 – Trinity of Sin: The Phantom Stranger #16
Part 12 – Constantine #11
Part 13 – Trinity of Sin: Pandora #8
Part 14 – Justice League Dark #28
Part 15 – Trinity of Sin: The Phantom Stranger #17
Part 16 – Constantine #12
Part 17 – Trinity of Sin: Pandora #9
Part 18 – Justice League Dark #29

Part one of Forever Evil: Blight will be released on October 23rd.

What are your thoughts on the crossover? Are you excited to read it? Are you reading any of the books involved? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. thisjohnd

    As someone that’s trying to get into reading Justice League Dark regularly, this news disappoints me. An 18-part crossover event is too big for my wallet, so the only issues I would consider picking up are the JLD ones, but of course that won’t get me the full story and I’d probably be better off just skipping the title for those five issues. This is great news for anyone already reading some of these titles but for someone on the outside like me, this makes me hesitant to get into any of these titles now.

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