Saga #14 Review

saga 14

Saga #14

Writer: Brian K. Vaughan

Artist: Fiona Staples

Letters + Design: Fonografiks

Review by Patrick Brennan

Damn, it’s good to have Saga back.  We’ve all gushed about what makes it great: the addictive story, the honest and relatable characters, Fiona Staples’ incredible art.  But to me, what makes the series something to look forward to every month is the fact that it’s a reminder of the potential that comics have.  After each issue, I can’t help but feel my patience for subpar storytelling growing thinner and thinner, and Saga #14 has taken yet another substantial chunk out of it.

In this issue, Alana, Marko and their ragtag family finally get to meet D. Oswald Heist, the man responsible for bringing together the two young lovers.  Meanwhile, The Will begins to toy with the idea of starting a new life, much to the annoyance of Gwendolyn, who is still hell-bent on getting her revenge on Marko.

While it’s not always the case, one way you can tell if a writer is something special is if they are able to show insight into a character, really show you why they are who they are, in the span of a couple of pages instead of entire issues.  It’s an incredible skill to be that precise, and Brian K. Vaughan is a master of it.  Take the opening scene of this issue for example.  In just a few of pages, so much is made clear about Alana.  It’s one of those moments where a single sentence makes that thing in your head click, as if to say “of course!”

As for Saga #14’s art, Fiona Staples once again kills it.  Words that can be used to describe how awesome her work is are getting pretty scarce, so just wrap your head around this one: there are giant great white sharks covered in neon polka dots in this issue, and (trust me on this one) they don’t look stupid.  Oh, and they fly.  I know, right?


Buy it – Saga #14’s flying polka dot sharks alone make this issue well worth your money.  Couple that with another fun, entertaining, and emotional story and you got yourself one of the best books out there this week.  But is that even a surprise anymore?

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