Avengers #19 Review

Avengers 19
Avengers #19

Written by Jonathan Hickman

Art by Leinil Francis Yu

Colors by Sunny Gho


We are now two issues deep with Infinity tie-ins. The event is chugging right along, and as each issue related to the event comes out, I find myself wanting more and more. If you are checking out this review to see if you need to pick up this to understand what’s happening in the event, I’ll tell you right now that you could probably get away with skipping this issue. I don’t get paid to tell you to buy any particular books, but I’m going to lay it out in this review what makes it worth the four dollar price tag.

Last issue was jam packed with awesomeness and the pacing was set to a brisk sprint. Issue #19 of Avengers slows things down to the pace of an Olympic speed walker. We’re still moving forward, but not as much is jammed in this week. Even those most action heavy movie has a scene with warriors sitting around licking their wounds and formulating a plan of attack. This issue is one of those scenes of the feature length epic Infinity. Simply, put its a bunch of heroes sitting around talking. What they have to say though gives us insight into their thought process and who they are at their cores.

From reading Guardians of the Galaxy I get the notion that J-Son iss a bit of dick. If you don’t read Guardians, fret not! Hickman gives us a good look here as to how he is one. For me, this was the standout of the issue, and I love seeing someone so righteous getting the proverbial egg on their face. It’s a shame that it might get on the faces of our heroes.*

The selling point for this issue is the art. Yu and Gho provide another beautiful issue to stare at, and that makes turning the pages a chore. The view alone is worth the price of admission folks.

The Verdict

A solid buy for me. For those short on cash, but wanting to follow the event, you can skip this issue. I recommend you pick it up, and with the use of a silly pun, I’ll give you two reasons: Yu. Goh. Buy This!**


*Why the metaphors? I’m keeping this spoiler free for you. There are no actual eggs in this issue. If there were, I’d be giving this a negative review. I hate eggs.

**”You go buy this.” Seriously, if I have to explain it isn’t funny anymore. Or was it even funny to begin with?

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