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Flash #23.2: Reverse Flash #1 Review

Reverse Flash


Writers: Francis Manapul and Brian Buccellato

Artist: Scott Hepburn

Inker: Brian Buccellato

Review by Suzanne Nagda

It’s fitting that the majority of Reverse Flash #1 takes place in the past. Manapul and Buccellato use extended flashback scenes to show why turning back time is so important to Daniel West. Sure, the plot touches on a tough childhood that so many villains share. Villain’s Month has been chock-full of abusive parents and tragic origin stories. What makes this issue shine is a touching narrative about siblings and regrets.

The Flash team examines how Daniel and Iris West choose opposite paths in life. Daniel’s childhood and early adulthood are riddled with mistakes and poor choices. In contrast, Iris toughs out a difficult family life to become a successful journalist. His perspective shows how appealing changing the past can be. How much is Reverse Flash willing to sacrifice in order to fix past mistakes?

This issue complements the series quite intentionally, but is not as self-contained other villain’s stories. The story also relies heavily on exposition and dialogue. As for the artwork, Scott Hepburn’s pencils are richly detailed and stylistically fit the tone that Manapul has established for the book.

The Verdict: Definitely buy! If you’re sick of villains who are black and white, you’ll like the gray of Reverse Flash. His motivations are complicated and he’s not a reliable narrator. Daniel West and his obsession with the past serves as the perfect foil for Barry Allen.

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