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Green Lantern #23.1: Relic Review

green lantern 23-1 relic

Green Lantern #23.1: Relic
Written by Robert Venditti
Pencils by Rags Morales
Inks by Cam Smith and Rags Morales
Colors by Andrew Dahlhouse
Review by Mike Duke

Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t a bad book. The writing is decent and the ideas are interesting. The question that I found myself asking when reading Green Lantern #23.1 is, “Is it necessary?”

This villain, Relic, is a creation of newbie Green Lantern writer Robert Venditti and series artist Billy Tan. Going forward–after Villain’s Month–Relic will be the center of conflict on yet another Lantern-wide arc called “Lights Out.” Here we get a look at the origin of this character written in a style not unlike a fairy tale or legend. Also, the art by Rags Morales is fascinating: every page is a single panel, as though this was a child’s picture book. Although I don’t think Morales had much chance to shine, the book had an interesting approach and it felt appropriate for the overall tone of the story.

But, again, I found myself asking why this book is necessary. It felt like those filler books in big arcs and events that we all hate. While it was interesting to see Relic’s motivation for trying to destroy the light corps, all of this information could have been provided in a well structured story within the regular title. It’s possible that Venditti and company took the opportunity to showcase Relic since Villain’s Month was already happening, but given that there are three other Green Lantern issues coming out this month, it’s hard for me to justify another five dollar, 3D covered book.


Wait and See. If you are a hardcore Lantern fan and are excited for the coming “Lights Out” story, go ahead and pick this one up. The entities that Relic calls The Lightmiths are interesting for their similarities and differences from the corps that we know and love. However, if you’re looking for some traditional Green Lantern baddies over Villain’s Month, this is one you can save your money on.

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