Young Avengers #9 Review

Sleeping on the couch...
Sleeping on the couch…


Writer: Kieron Gillen

Artists: Jamie McKelvie and Mike Norton

Colorist: Matthew Wilson

Review by Suzanne Nagda

Young Avengers is one of my favorite titles from the Marvel NOW! relaunch. Prior to picking up the first issue, I was unfamiliar with the characters and never read the original series. Now Gillen and McKelvie have sold me on the series with their fresh take on teen drama, progressive art and clever dialogue. It’s a teen superhero comic that appeals well beyond its requisite audience. Little details like the yamblr pages recapping the previous issues and using handles like “SkeleTHOR” make me smile before I even read the first page.

This issue begins in the wake of last month’s big kiss scene between Prodigy and Hulkling. Meanwhile, Loki has some love troubles of his own and the rest of the team tries to save Prodigy and Hulkling from Mother Parasite’s Dimension. The cover art for this issue really ties into the story well and I’m digging its minimalist sensibility. McKelvie’s does an amazing job playing with panel design throughout the series and takes advantage of the dimension jumping to further this aesthetic.

A minor complaint is that the issue has limited action and a huge amount of dialogue and exposition. Of course, exposition coming from Loki can be a treat in itself in small doses. True to its cover, the story arc has been heavy on the relationship woes of Hulkling and Wiccan. While they are a fan favorite couple, the intense focus on them makes some of the other characters feel like set pieces in their drama. Noh-Varr gets one line of dialogue in the whole issue! I also hope that Gillen pays more attention to Miss America, beyond having her make snarky comments to Loki and kick some serious butt. It’s a good problem to have when you love a series but want to see more of the characters.

The Verdict:

Buy it! Even if you’re not big on teen drama, you’ll find something to like in the characters and their interactions. McKelvie makes the dialogue shine with his attention to detail and strong grasp of facial expressions. If you haven’t been reading the series, I would recommend starting at Young Avengers #6 to get some context on all the dimension jumping.

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