A compendium by Bob Reyer

Suffering Sappho! Here’s a not-so-quick rundown of some of the major moments in Wonder Woman’s more than 70-year history!

Wonder Woman


First appearance: All Star Comics #8 (12/41) (Origin: Story by Dr. William Moulton Marston; art by Harry G. Peter)

First solo full story: Sensation Comics #1 (1/42)

First solo title: Wonder Woman #1 (Summer 1942) (Peak sales 2.5m!)

(Origin expanded to include Diana’s “birth” from clay!)

Firsts: Etta Candy in Sensation #2; Baroness Paula von Gunther in Sensation #4; Dr. Psycho in Wonder Woman #5; Cheetah (Priscilla Rich) in W.W. #6; Giganta in W.W. #9

Death of Dr. William Moulton Marston 5/2/47

Dr. Marston’s last story: Wonder Woman #28 (Mar/Apr 1948)

Robert Kanigher takes over as writer, editor Sheldon Mayer leaves June 1948

Sensation #94 (Nov/Dec 1949): Steve carrying Diana (Cover: Irwin Hasen)

Wonder Woman’s origin re-told: Wonder Woman #45 (1/51)

Last “Sensation” Wonder Woman: Sensation # 107 (Jan/Feb 1952)

Harry G. Peter fired 1958 (Editor/Writer Robert Kanigher called his art “grotesque”)

First Andru & Esposito (full art): Wonder Woman #98 (5/58) (Origin re-told; first Silver Age Wonder Woman?) (Pencils: Ross Andru; Inks: Mike Esposito)

First Wonder Girl: “The Secret Origin…” Wonder Woman #105 (4/58)

Golden Age homages begin: Wonder Woman #159 (1/66) (same month as Batman’s TV debut!)

First “New” Wonder Woman: Wonder Woman #178 (9/68) (Denny O’Neil/Mike Sekowsky’s “Emma Peel” version)

Ms. Magazine #1 “Wonder Woman” cover by Murphy Anderson (7/72)

(Contains article by Joanne Edgar declaring Wonder Woman “submissive” for giving up her powers!)

“Wonder Woman” hardcover book by Phyllis Chesler (Gloria Steinem introduction) (Reprints 13 Marston/Peter Golden Age stories)

Last “de-powered” story: Wonder Woman #203 (12/72) (Samuel Delany/Dick Giordano)

First “re-powered” story: Wonder Woman #204 (1/73) (Robert Kanigher/Don Heck)


“Wonder Woman” TV premiere: 11/7/75 (runs 4 seasons)

Jeanette Kahn named DC publisher 1976

Wonder Woman in WWII stories: Wonder Woman #228 (2/77)

“W” emblem, WW Foundation: Wonder Woman #288 (2/82)(Roy Thomas/Gene Colan)

First Female Artist: Jan Duursema, Wonder Woman #300 (2/83)

First Female Writer: Mindy Newell, Wonder Woman #326-328 (7/85)

Cover for Wonder Woman #329 (1986)

Last Issue/original series: Wonder Woman #329 (2/86) (Gerry Conway/Don Heck)

(Diana and Steve wed, as have their Earth-Two counterparts; last Pre-Crisis issue)

Wonder Woman dies: Crisis on Infinite Earths #12 (3/86) (Marv Wolfman/George Perez)

(Diana blasted into oblivion by Anti-Monitor, in fact thrust backwards in time and returned to clay; Earth-Two Diana & Steve brought to Olympus)

Cover for Legend of Wonder Woman #1 (1986)

“The Legend of Wonder Woman” 4-part mini-series: May-Aug.1986 Kurt Busiek/Trina Robbins

Wonder Woman #1: 2/87 George Perez w/Greg Potter, Len Wein (Editor: Karen Berger)

(George solo by #17) (GP: “I wanted to make her a nice person…I was trying to make her a peace character.”)

Wonder Woman/Superman “date”: Action #600/Wonder Woman #16 (4-5/88) (George Perez/John Byrne)


Wonder Woman 1989 Annual (Written by George Perez; illustrated by Collen Doran, Jan Duursema, Ramona Fradon, Lee Mars, Cynthia Martin, Barb Rausch, Trina Robbins, Cara Sherman-Tereno, Leslie Sternbergh)

Last George Perez: Wonder Woman #62 (2/92)

First William Messner-Loebs: Wonder Woman #63 (6/92)

(Mike Deodato, Jr. #85, 90-100) (Artemis #90)

Cover for Wonder Woman #101 (1995)

First John Byrne: Wonder Woman #101 (9/95) through #136 (8/98)

(JB: “I’m going to do what I think she is, what I always felt she was; there ain’t nobody tougher than Diana but Superman!”)

(#127-Diana dies, becomes Goddess of truth; #130-Hippolyta in JSA)

“Wonder Woman: Amazonia” (1/98) Elseworlds set in Victorian London (William Messner-Loebs/Phil Winslade)

“Wonder Woman: The Once and Future Story” (6/98) Award-winning cautionary tale of abusive relationships past and present (Trina Robbins/Colleen Doran)

First Eric Luke: Wonder Woman #139 (12/98) through #152 (1/00)

Cover for Wonder Woman #164 (2001)

First Phil Jimenez: Wonder Woman #164 (1/01) through #188 (3/03)

(Phil Jimenez: “She is good; she represents good and that’s okay.”)

Hippolyta dies, Paradise Island destroyed: Wonder Woman #172 (9/01)

(Part of “Worlds at War” event; DC forces Phil Jimenez into this.)

“Wonder Woman: Spirit of Truth” Paul Dini/Alex Ross (11/01)

“Wonder Woman: The Hiketeia” (6/02) (Greg Rucka/J.G. Jones)

Last Phil Jimenez: Wonder Woman #188 (3/03)

(First Festival of Goddesses on New Themyscira; 2-page spread of all Wonder Women!)

First Walt Simonson Wonder Woman #189 (4/03) through #194 (9/03) (art by Jerry Ordway)

Cover for Wonder Woman #195 (2003)

First Greg Rucka (series issue): Wonder Woman #195 (10/03) through #226 (4/06)

(#199: Wonder Woman: ”Peace is a virtue, not just the absence of war.”)

(#219: Maxwell Lord killed during “Infinite Crisis” event)

(#225: Paradise Island disappears, Diana closes embassy)

(#226: Wonder Woman/Superman– friends only!)

Wonder Woman Vol 3, #1: (8/06)

(#1-4: Allan Heinberg/Terry Dotson “Who is Wonder Woman?”/Donna Troy as WW)

(#5: Will Pfeiffer)

(#6-10: Jodi Picoult)

(#11-13: J. Torres)

Cover for Wonder Woman #14 (2008)

First Gail Simone: Wonder Woman #14 (1/08) through #44 (7/10)

(#24 “Wonder Woman: The Movie”; Diana: “Why is it that people feel that a belief in women equals a hatred of men?”)

“Wonder Woman” DC animated film released March 2009

(#30: Amazons return to Themyscira)

(#31: Genocide, a twisted version of WW runs amok)

(#32: Etta held hostage; WW-“My own beliefs are coming back to haunt me. I could have killed Ares half a dozen times; Dr. Psycho and Professor Minerva a dozen more each…but I chose to let them live.”)


(#34: “Rumpus McGoo” and the Black Canary)

Last Gail Simone Wonder Woman #44 (7/10) (Astarte, sister of Hippolyta, and her hordes invade the Earth; Etta & Steve plus Hippolyta and the Amazons help turn the tide. The last page ends with this from Wonder Woman: “I live in two worlds. I call many places my home. By all rights, I should be alone everywhere I go, and yet…I find I am not. Instead, I find love in every direction I look. I am Diana, Princess of the Amazons, and this is the life I am blessed to have led.”)

Cover for Wonder Woman #600 (2010)

Wonder Woman #600 (8/10) (J. Michael Straczynski through #614)


Cover for {{{Title}}} #614 (2011)

(#614–Final issue)

Cover for {{{Title}}} #1 (2011)

DC “New 52″ Re-launch (11/11) (Brian Azzarello/Cliff Chiang)

“Wonder Women! The Untold Story of American Superheroines” Documentary film premieres 3/12 (PBS debut 4/13) (Director: Kristy Guevara-Flanagan)Cover for DC Comics Presents: Wonder Woman Adventures #1 (2012)

Wonder Woman Adventures 100-page Spectacular (9/12) DC Animated-style All-Ages book (Steve Vance/John Delaney)

Hera help me– I’m exhausted! Fatigue aside, it was a lot of fun researching these moments, and I hope that you’ve enjoyed this look back at the history of the Amazon Princess as much as I did putting it together. Even more, my wish would be that this exploration could prompt some of you to take your own journey through the Wonder Woman back-catalog!















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    • Bob Reyer


      When someone with your erudition with Wonder Woman‘s history makes this comment, I take it as the highest compliment!

      Thanks so much!

  1. blu

    Fantastic! Now if only I could wave a magic wand and get all of these issues in an Essential Wonder Woman volume along with the dvds all wrapped in a big red bow. Maybe I’ll write a letter to Santa :)

    • Bob Reyer


      The “Greatest Wonder Woman Stories Ever Told” trade paperback was a decent start, but awfully slim as a complete history; of course, with over 700 comics in it, a complete Wonder Woman Omnibus would be a seriously large tome! Perhaps someone at DC will see this list, and put an “Essential Wonder Woman” HC project on the to-do list!

      I’m so thrilled that you found my picks to be worthy ones!

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