Issue #96: Women in Comics II: The Women of Talking Comics


Issue #96: Women in Comics II: The Women of Talking Comics  | Comic Book Podcast | Talking Comics

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Welcome to our 2nd Annual Women in Comics week here on Talking Comics. We’ve started the week off with some great interview podcasts with Andrea Letamendi as well as an interview with Pretty Deadly’s Kelly Sue DeConnick and Emma Rios. There’s tons of other content up on the site, so make sure you check it out and please share the crap out of these links so everyone can experience all the lady related goodness.

The show is a full-length show, but instead of featuring Bobby, Steve, Bob and Stephanie, the latter of the four kicks the fellas off the show and replaces them with site contributors, Melissa Megan and Mara Wood. The ladies talk about comic book news, share some witty banter, discuss things important to them and more.

They also take some time to address a comic book medium we don’t often talk about aka manga, answer some listener questions and try to not go to let things get too crazy.

Some of the Books of the Week for this show include: X-Men, Ten Grand, Lazarus, Wonder Woman, Avengers Origins, X-Factor, Sheltered, Revival and more.

Annnnnnnnnnd… we say it on the show, but just in case you missed it, the Talking Comics crew on Twitter are:

Stephanie: @hellocookie
Mara: @MarvelousMaraW
Melissa: @LissaPunch

FYI: the crew have gone all superhero on the world, thanks to the wonderful Hanie Mohd. Like them? Make sure to follow her and let us know what you think of our new superhero pictures.

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7 thoughts on “Issue #96: Women in Comics II: The Women of Talking Comics

  1. What a fabulous show!

    My congratulations to all of you for such a very entertaining and informative broadcast, particularly in hearing so many important issues addressed from the perspective of whom they most affect! The impassioned discussion on the cos-play “creepers” issue was absolutely spot-on!

    I do have a complaint, though: the show was not nearly long enough! I could have listened for hours more!

    You ladies can kick me off the show anytime you so choose! That was simply great “radio”!


      1. Stephanie,

        I’m not sure that our regular show can follow what you ladies did with this one! We boys have some catching up to do!

        I hope that you’ll reconvene the “Birds of Prey” sometime soon for another episode?


  2. Loved the podcast ladies, It was pretty cool like Bob said to get info on topics from the perspective of who it affects most.

    I do have to say I watched a couple episodes of Heroes of Cosplay and while I love that aspect of the convention scene I was let down by the show. It’s definitely a reality show but it just seemed like an over edited/scripted show that focused way too much on creating drama and not the actual cosplay itself.

  3. “Birds of Prey”… I like that. I’ll take it. Bob, you know we wait with baited breath for your approval. HE REALLY LIKES US!! 😀

    Matt, thanks for listening & I’m so glad you enjoyed. I can’t wait to do it again!

  4. Just wanted to chime in real quick and say that the show was awesome. Just to echo the sentiments of others, it’s great to hear a different perspective and I loved the honesty. Look forward to hearing another podcast from the ladies’ view again. You shouldn’t just make it an annual thing.

    With regards to your discussion on cosplay, I checked out that much maligned “butt shot” gallery that’s on Hitflix and it’s more immature than anything. It’s more akin to People of Walmart but for the Comic Con crowd. Nevertheless, the idea that someone went around taking pictures of people from behind creeps me out; the only thing Hitflix could have done that would have been creepier is an upskirt gallery. I agree with Megan to a certain extent that cosplayers do dress up partly for the attention and shouldn’t be offended when people take pictures of them, but this gallery just exists to make fun of cosplayers in a very immature way, and no one should have to take part in that.

    Oh, and the article totally calls cosplayers “goofballs in costume” which is just…ugh. I don’t even have the words.

  5. Hey ladies, LOVED this episode, you all did a bang-up job and I always absolutely agree it should be more than an annual thing. I wanted to point out some things that I found a little problematic about your cosplay discussion:

    It was unclear to me whether you were discussing sexual harrassment of cosplayers or merely them getting lots of attention. If it’s the former, some of the language came off as a tad victim-blaming. Statements like “They should expect a lot of attention” and “Women who cosplay need to be careful” puts the responsibility on female cosplayers to avoid being harassed rather than on the people who harass them.

    In addition, Stephanie kept saying things like “Yeah, women get objectified, and that really sucks, but that’s not gonna change.” On the contrary, this is something we should be actively fighting against, not passively accepting, because unfortunately, it’s not just a few random creeps and jerks, but a larger attitude in geek culture that is also a part of rape culture: that women who dare to be sexual in traditionally male-dominated spaces deserve to be objectified and abused, and we all know that this belief needs to die in a fire already.

    I know that you guys know all of this, so I hope I’m not coming off as mansplaining (femsplaining?) it to you. You ladies are awesome and I could tell you were trying to deal with a touchy subject as sensitively as possible. I just wanted to point those little things out. Keep up the great work!

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