Matt Fraction Steps Away From “Fantastic Four” and “FF”


News: Matt Fraction Steps Away From “Fantastic Four” and “FF”

Reported on by Steve Seigh

Tom Brevoort exclusively broke the news to CBR ( this morning that Matt Fraction is in fact leaving both the “Fantastic Four” and “FF” titles. Matt then told CBR that his last solo written issue of “Fantastic Four” will be #12 (solicited for September), and his last full “FF” will be issue #11 (expected later this month), the next respective issues of each title forthcoming. The bottom line is that with Fraction’s “Inhumanity” ongoing series dominating most of his schedule, there simply isn’t time to do it all. Taking over for Matt on “Fantastic Four” is Karl Kesel (Harley Quinn #1-25, Fantastic Four, Daredevil), and babysitting the kids over at “FF” will be Mike Allred’s big brother and award-winning author, Lee Allred.

Earlier today artist of “FF”, Mike Allred tweeted these comments about working with his older brother and the changes of “FF”.

“I’m sure @mattfraction and I will work together again at some point in the future. We’re terrific friends and love working together.”

When asked by a fan about working with his older brother Allred shared these words:

“Big time! He’s a genius!”

This all certainly does come as a surprise, but in the ever changing world of comic books, have they not been preparing us for the unexpected this entire time?

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