Issue #94: DC And Marvel: Where Will They Be In A Year?


Issue #94: DC And Marvel: Where Will They Be In A Year?  | Comic Book Podcast | Talking Comics

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Now, down to business… this week we were having trouble picking a topic to discuss, so we asked YOU guys to pick our topic for us. We wound up going with a mash-up topic that basically comes down to this: One year from now, who will be ahead in the comics industry, DC or Marvel?

And of course, in addition to new releases and weekly banter, the gang also talk about their favourite Books of the Week. Some titles included this time around are: Legend of Luther Strode, Sheltered, Swamp Thing, Uncanny X-Force, Last of Us: American Dreams, Mystery Society, All New X-Men, Trillium, Spider-Girl, The Movement, X-Factor and more.

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3 thoughts on “Issue #94: DC And Marvel: Where Will They Be In A Year?

  1. Bob, you don’t know Fantomex? You should read Rick Remender’s X-Force run. It was magnificent. You’ll care about Fantomex quite a bit by the end.

    1. Bradley,

      I only know what I read in the (funny) papers!

      I’ll see if I can’t scrounge up some XForce, but I’ll warn you in advance–Mr. Remender is on my scheit list for, in my eyes at least, fouling up Captain America!


  2. Definitely enjoyed the topic this week though I’m surprised in all of your hypothesizing into the future of the big two one year from now not one person mentioned digital comics. I know that only one of you is primarily digital, but it seems like this is a major factor in the industry that’s bound to advance even further in the coming year.

    You want to talk about how to get kids to read comics, then I would say that Marvel and DC need to focus more on putting out digital comics aimed at kids. Not to be a complete pessimist but I don’t think print comics are ever going to have the same appeal to kids now like they did when we were growing up. There’s too many digital distractions out there and nearly every bit of media once presented in a physical form has converted to digital. Books, video games, music, movies, etc. Comics are getting there but I feel like the people mostly buying print still are the ones that you mentioned, the older crowd that likes the gritty, dark books. If the big two really wants to secure its future and aim their product at children, they need to catch up with all the other media that kids consume…digitally.

    I’m also a little torn with your guys’ view on what comics are “kid friendly” because I think we live in a world now where nearly all superhero films are rated PG-13 yet clearly targeted at children below that age. The term “kid friendly” has greatly changed from the stuff we had as kids. It’s a little sad, but true.

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