Molly Danger: Book One – Advance Review

Molly Danger coming atchya!!! #spunky

Molly Danger: Book One

Jamal Igle: Writer & Penciler

Juan Castro: Inker

Romulo Fajardo, Jr.: Colorist

Frank Cvetkovic: Letterer

Review by Joey Braccino

The SuperMech’s are attacking Coopersville!!! Who can stop the destruction and save the city!?!? Only one person has the strength and “finesse” to do what needs to be done, and she’s a 20-year old alien that looks like a 10-year old girl!!!

Action Lab Entertainment is bringing back All-Ages comics in a big way. Capitalizing on yet another successful kickstarter project, Action Lab has picked up Jamal Igle’s refreshing superheroic story featuring a 10-year old supergirl (of sorts) and her battle against giant robots, supervillains, and the pre-teen search for friendship and identity

When our eponymous hero comes swooping into action against a giant robot in the opening set-piece of Molly Danger: Book One, Jamal Igle’s pencils captures a sense of youthful vibrancy rarely seen in comics today. Molly Danger is Runaways’ Molly “Princess Powerful” Hayes meets Supergirl meets Buffy: an adorable, spunky superheroine with a mysterious, conspiracy-laden origin and a nasty yearning for freedom from an overbearing “mother” and bureaucratic organization.

Aforementioned swooping.
Aforementioned swooping.

Igle uses his oversized script effectively and efficiently to introduce Molly Danger, her powers, her action response team (Danger’s Action Response Team, or DART), and her full cast of supporting characters. One of the more creative storytelling beats sees the curator of the Molly Danger Museum giving a history lesson to a group of tourists. This allows Igle to weave in a wealth of expository material—visually and textually—via the tour leader and, in one of the refreshing moments from the scene, an eager and well-studied child from the group.

After the opening action sequence, full of energy and color and movement, Igle takes his readers through a story equal parts intrigue and mash-em-up superheroics. Hotshot Coopersville cop, Austin Briggs, is recruited by DART to be Molly’s new handler. Briggs, whose reckless behavior and obvious desire to be a hero nearly got him discharged, might not be the best choice to handle the equally eager and rebellious Molly. Briggs also has a 10-year old step-son who just might end up being Molly’s one and only chance at friendship. Hilarity ensues.

Molly Danger: Book One doesn’t just provide satisfying, entertaining, and dynamic story in its own right, but it also promises a larger narrative in future books. Igle clearly has a plan for Molly and her battle against the SuperMechs, and if Book One is any indication, it will most certainly be a good one


Looking for an All-Ages superhero action romp featuring a strong, pre-teen, female lead? Check out Molly Danger when it hits stores this Fall! If you’d like a taste of just how fun and refreshing Jamal Igle’s superheroine is, check out the Action Lab’s Molly Danger/Princeless team-up issue from Free Comic Book Day!!!

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