FF #10 Review

FF #10 Review

Written by Matt Fraction

Art by Michael Allred

Colors by Laura Allred

Reviewed by Steve Seigh

I’m just going to say this right up front, okay? Future Foundation #10 is one of the best damn comics you will get to read all year! Matt Fraction is breaking down walls this issue by including not only himself, but Mike Allred and Tom Brevoort in the madcap action alongside the FF. As representatives from the real Marvel Comics (looking to create a comic book cased on the FF team), Matt, Mike, and Tom have arrived on the scene with the intention of studying the FF in their daily goings on. But alas, in true FF fashion, things take a turn for the weird and wonderful. Without warning, we as readers are treated to one of the most creative and self-referential comics in recent times.

Oh yeah, I should probably mention that there’s all sorts of other FF goodness going down in this issue as well. Alex Power continues to conspire against Old Johnny Storm, and a mysterious visitor that has a penchant for playing the game 20 Questions has arrived on the doorstep of the Baxter Building. It’s all experiments with Pym Particle Dust, ruined pancakes, and creepy dudes in shackles this month in FF … and it’s awesome!

To say that Matt Fraction’s FF has been a huge departure from the hyper-intellectual and intense Hickman run would be an understatement. But since the start of Marvel Now, Fraction has been delivering a new voice and identity all its own to the Future Foundation series, and that’s never been as obvious than with this issue in particular. Now, I wouldn’t know first hand, but I would imagine that breaking the fourth wall in a comic book is no easy feat. Something like that could really take some readers out of the fantasy, and might be looked at as a risky endevour.  However, Fraction delivers not only an easy transition but a hilarious one at that.


An absolute buy for not just fans of the series but fans of comics in general. Matt Fraction’s FF has been a joy to read each and every issue without fail, but this one in particular not only raises the bar on comedy but also displays an approach to comics not seen very often from their creators. I say this every month, every podcast, every review … if you’re not reading Fantastic Four and Future Foundation you are truly missing out on two of the best comics of all time. It’s my opinion but I stand by it.

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