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Welcome to a new video series from the folks here at Talking Comics! Every week you hear us talk about our local shop Tor Comics, and the great people who run it. Well we’ve decided to give them the spotlight in a feature we are calling Shop Talk.

The topics in this new segment will range from reactions to the biggest news of the day, thoughts on books and movies, and even an inside look at the goings on in a comic book shop.

We hope you enjoy Shop Talk and please leave your comments below!


The cast:

Rob – @dusk1020

Steve – @dead_anchoress

Lauren – @LaurenKolligs


Shop Talk is shot and edited by Bobby Shortle. @bobbyshortle

Tor Comics
997 Waverly Avenue
Holtsville, NY 11742
(631) 758-4772


One Response

  1. thisjohnd

    It seems strange to me that the Ultimate universe would be floundering so much since it was the source of how the movie versions of so many of Marvel’s heroes wound up (such as Nick Fury). It almost feels like Marvel should just make the Ultimate line of books the movie tie-in line as a way to get people to buy the comics after seeing the movie.

    Side note: Love that Batgirl shirt, Steve.

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