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DC To Revive Damian Wayne! Sort Of!


R.I.P. means “Reanimate Immediately Please”


That headline isn’t a spoiler. Don’t worry, Damian is still dead (for now). That won’t stop DC from reviving him nonetheless via a 4-issue miniseries written and drawn by the reliably stellar Andy Kubert that’s set to debut on October 30th* of this year. Kubert describes the story as taking place “in a possible future that may never be,” which is a fancy way of saying “I wanted to do another story featuring him but he’s, like, really dead.”

This should come as no surprise. Damian is a popular character, and no popular comics character can ever truly die. As the Post notes:

Whether Damian will return for good at some point isn’t clear but, hey, this is comics!

That’s right, this is comics – which means that it is clear. Either Damian Wayne will remain a presence in the DC Universe via this Elseworlds-esque manuever, or they’ll figure out a way to bring him back into regular continuity via White Lantern/Lazarus Pit/[Insert Your Own Choice Here].


…Incidentally, this bit of news initially hit the street courtesy of the New York Post. Yes, that New York Post.
*The Longer Halloween?


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