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When DC released its full October solicitations yesterday, one noticeable change in the line-up was that Ales Kot was not writing issue #24 of Suicide Squad. Instead, Mind MGMT and Justice League of America back-up writer Matt Kindt would be handling the writing duties. So where did that leave Kot? As it turns out, he’s leaving the book with issue #23 and Kindt will be taking over full time.

In a statement written on his personal Tumblr, Kot explained his leaving the series, his thoughts on new writer Matt Kindt, and where you can find his next work after Suicide Squad.

“Dear readers —

Since the solicitations for October’s DC titles came out, I was repeatedly asked if I am no longer writing Suicide Squad. Yes, Matt Kindt is writing SS #24 and I am no longer writing Suicide Squad. Matt’s “3 Story” is one of my favorite graphic novels I read in the last few years and I look forward to reading “Mind MGMT” when I finally find the time to buy the first hardcover collection, which you can find here. Matt Kindt is a very capable storyteller who is doing exciting things in the comics medium and I wish him great things. 

I killed my deadlines, I wrote my best, and I have no regrets whatsoever. 

Thank you for the ride, for your support, for everything. 

Have wonderful days and nights. 

 ZERO #1 is coming out 9/18 from Image Comics. Come with us.”

For those wondering, Patrick Zircher, who took over for art duties when Kot joined the book, will still be drawing the book.

What are your thoughts on Kot leaving Suicide Squad? What about Matt Kindt taking over? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. Steve Seigh

    This is a total bummer. In the short time since Kot has been in charge of this title I feel as if it tripled in quality. This parting of the ways feels very premature and is really just a shame. However, I will enjoy Kot’s remaining issues and am very much looking forward to seeing what Matt Kindt can do with these characters. I think the comfort here is that it’s more of a trade-off then a let down.

    • Travis McCollum

      I agree completely. Suicide Squad, when it first began, was my favorite book in the New 52. Was it the best? No. Batman, Animal Man, Swamp Thing and other titles like that were definitely better in terms of quality. But Suicide Squad was definitely my favorite. For the first 12-13 issues (before Death of the Family) it was consistently great but then it just fell off completely until Kot took over. He breathed new life into the book and between him and Zircher (who I’m glad is staying on board) it was the book I loved, but better.

      That being said, as a huge Mind MGMT fan and as someone who really loves his work, I have no doubt that Matt Kindt and Patrick Zircher are going to continue to do a great job. Here’s hoping at least.

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