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Five Ghosts #4 Review

Writing: Frank J. Barbiere

Art: Chris Mooneyham

Review by Melissa Megan

Treasure hunter Fabian Gray and the five literary ghosts who haunt him are plunging to the bottom of a mystical body of water believed to have the power to heal him. In order to be privy to it’s gifts however, Fabian must pass a trial in which his deepest fears will be revealed. In his case, he will undergo a test by each of the ghosts, being challenged physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Meanwhile, Fabian’s best friend is in mortal danger above. The mysterious ruler of the dream city Shangri-la battles an incredibly powerful, invading magician. While Fabian is restrained below water and fighting to prove himself worthy, the city is being burned to the ground. The evil wizard is searching for Fabian; his friends are risking their lives to protect him.

Five Ghosts has continuously been intelligent, creative and visually beautiful. The story is layered with exciting characters and mystery, the adventure never stops and the art work is something quite unique. I really enjoy Mooneyham’s particular style, it doesn’t recognize boundaries of lines or shapes, but doesn’t come across as messy. Visually it feels vintage but fresh at the same time.

Verdict: You should be reading this, for sure. It’s also a book worth owning in print, this art deserves it. Five Ghosts is a fun and dangerous, well written adventure.

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