Age of Ultron #10 AI Review

Age of Ultron #10 AI Review

Written by Mark Waid

Art by Andre, Lima Araujo

Colors by Frank D’armata

Reviewed by Steve Seigh

In my humble estimation, one of the many things that was missing from the Age of Ultron event was the concept of hope. The entire event painted us a bleak future – a future filled with death and destruction, one that left us wondering what would be left when everything was all said and done. So here we are now at the end of this “universe changing” scenario, still wondering what the hell it was all for – and questioning exactly how it’s going to “change things forever”. Well … perhaps this “last” issue – penned by Mark Waid – could bring us a little light at the end of such a dark and dreadful tunnel.

To say that Age of Ultron #10 AI is a wonderful way to cap off the events of these dark times inside of Marvel history would be an understatement. Finally, among all the broken bodies, shattered futures, and dismal outcomes – shines a bright light by way of a triumphant return to form from Hank Pym – the creator of Ultron, and, ultimately, the one responsible for all the chaos.

Age of Ultron #10 AI opens with a post-Age of Ultron, grief stricken Hank Pym, questioning his continued purpose inside of a world he very nearly helped destroy. Drained and feeling ultimately defeated (both physically as well as emotionally) Hank takes readers back in time to show them his odyssey from whimsical child to how he became the super genius that would unknowingly doom us all. Mark Waid does what he does best by delivering a rock solid narrative throughout Pym’s history – making sure that you understand that Hank always had the best of intentions despite his failings. It’s the kind of comic book writing that forces you to become the character and truly understand the reasons that Pym has always been quite special.

Within this comic we get to bear witness to the birth of a hero – one that has existed in many forms and has committed countless acts of bravery all in the name of science as well as mankind. Pym never meant to hurt anyone. He built Ultron with the purpose of making the world a better place. He imagined a future that would benefit greatly from his creations and never once thought that what he was doing could be our end. Unfortunately, it’s Hank’s hubris and imagination that would bring about our ultimate destruction.

In my humble opinion, this issue of Age of Ultron is not only the best of the series, but is also the genesis of something wonderful to come. When you read this issue don’t think of it as an end, but as the beginning of bringing a character back from the brink of oblivion – to his most righteous and bravest form. You might still be angry with Hank for damn near blowing up the entire Marvel universe, but he isn’t done with us yet  (and I’ve got a feeling that you’re really going to love his next idea). What is it exactly? Well, you’re just going to have to read Age of Ultron #10 AI to find out.


This is an absolute buy! If you’ve been waiting to find out how the Age of Ultron event would pay off then you’re about to find out. It may have destroyed much of what we know, but it’s about to give us back one of our best and most courageous characters in the Marvel universe.


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