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Last week, Naughty Dog released their highly anticipated game, The Last Of Us.

I won’t get into the synopsis or anything since if you’re reading this, I hope you are familiar with the game already. This is not the place for you to be if you don’t want to know anything about the game.

This is the place to be if you’ve already beaten the game and you’d like to have a discussion about what happened throughout and at the end.

So, be warned, there be MONSTERS out there. And by “monsters” I mean spoilers.

You’ve been warned.

I’ll get things started here by sharing a few of my thoughts on the game. Feel free to comment on what I have to say or just add your own points and thoughts that don’t necessarily tie in to what I’m saying… Ready?

It took me a while to get into The Last of Us. The first day or so, I only put a little bit of time into it. The gameplay was a bit clunky at times -I get that it wasn’t an open-world game so there were limited options, but sometimes that drives me a bit bonkers- but the story… oh my gosh, the STORY.

I’ve used this phrase a lot in regards to The Last of Us, but this game seriously just punched me in the FEELS. First there was the Red Wedding (Game of Thrones, just in case you’re not down with that) and now this? My EMOTIONS are being TORN APART.

The game had one of the best opening sequences that instantaneously made me love the man character, despite Joel’s curmudgeonly nature. And ELLIE! What a wonderful character that just had so many layers to her.

Ok… so I’ll skip ahead and go to the ending: how did you feel about it? Was Joel selfish in saving Ellie or was he justified in not letting the Fireflies take her life for the “greater good”?

If you found the notes and recordings around the hospital, there was a recording from Marlene and she notes that there were others and while they don’t say anything more than that, they obviously didn’t extract a cure from that, so why take Ellie’s life for a slim chance at a cure? I know they elaborate a bit more in the game itself talking about the mutation in Ellie’s brain, but still. 20 years after the infection, how effective would a cure really be?

Anyways… DISCUSS!

4 thoughts on “What Did You Think: The Last Of Us

  1. I absolutely adored the game, and the ending made me actually question my own morality. I came to the realisation that if the game had given me the option, that I would have done the same thing Joel ends up doing – even though it’s obviously partly selfish. I’m just not sure I could have let her die.
    To have that kind of connection (much like The Walking Dead did) in a video game is amazing, and for me I feel more involved and moved by video games recently (this, TWD, Bioshock: Infinite), than I do by movies.

  2. Regarding the ending, I loved it. Sure some people might be disappointed that it left them with questions rather than answers but that’s why I liked it, it’s open up to interpretation and speculation. In my opinion, I think Joel thought that humans didn’t deserve a cure as he’s traveled across the country and has seen what animals they’ve become so it was either save what was in his mind, an undeserving human race, or lose a second daughter all over again. There’s definitely more story to be told from that point on but I don’t think another game will be the best way to tell the rest of it, maybe a comic? 🙂

  3. Leave it to Naughty Dog to prove to any detractors that they do not have to rely on Uncharted to keep them afloat. With The Last of Us they’ve stood atop the mountain and made it known that they are a force to be reckoned with.

    I’d also like to see the fallout to Joel’s decision in comic form. Does Ellie hate Joel for lying to her, WILL she ever find out? Do they try and find others like Ellie if there are even many surviving? I would love to see the comic structure the story as Ellie’s journal entries. Last of Us was more Joel’s story and evolution and the comic would focus on Ellie’s.

    I’m also surprised how good the multiplayer turned out. Although, it can be infuriating when people treat it like Call of Duty and not play as a team, which is definitely required.

  4. Such a good narrative in a game. I think and support Joel’s actions regarding his choice to save Ellie. If you look back to the beginning of the game Joel’s daughter was killed to “protect the masses.” That whole scene almost made me cry (father of a little girl).

    Joel has seen that this doesn’t work. Why would it work in this case? They are going to take a girl’s life for a small chance to cure a disease that has generally ran it’s course. I am happy with his decision. The controversy of the ending to me was the lie and the fact that Ellie didn’t buy it.

    Ellie’s bullsh!t meter was very good in the game and based on the reaction I saw she didn’t buy his story but she accepted it because she and Joel are a family unit now. It was so morally ambiguous I could not help to feel conflicted. I hope NO sequel to this game is made.

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