Man of Steel: What Did You Think?


The big weekend has come and we want to know what YOU all thought of the Man of Steel!

Feel free to post your reactions below in the comments and beware all this will be FULL SPOILERS allowed so please avoid if you want to stay fresh!

As always the best comments and questions about the film will be read out during our review show this week!

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16 thoughts on “Man of Steel: What Did You Think?

  1. I thought it was a decent movie. The soundtrack was epic and most of the actors did a superb job–the standouts for me were Russel Crowe as Jor-El. What they did with Krypton before its destruction definitely added to the film, and I thought they had a decent handle on the character. However, there were quite a few detriments to the film, not least among them its need to over-explain itself. One such example is when Clark is talking to his mother, telling her that he’s found his people. It’s an awkwardly worded and acted scene, because you never see it happen in film. From a directorial perspective, the members of the audience already know that Clark has found his people, so there should not be a redundant onscreen moment where he explains this! One of the other big things that poked out at me was the excessive destruction. Now, this isn’t a criticism of the Superman that Goyer and Snyder have crafted; I think that, being very new to fighting and such, this Superman would not have had a real handle on his powers and his fighting skills, enough to prevent the damage to Smallville and Metropolis–it’s in this way that I disagree with critics. Again, it’s a problem from a meta standpoint. It’s not a problem that *Superman* caused this destruction; it’s a problem that the filmmakers inserted that much destruction in in the first place.

    1. Just want to add on some things that I forgot: Clark’s becoming Superman felt way too easy, like there should’ve been much more exposition before he put on the suit (which, I noted, magically gives you a gelled haircut and makes you clean-shaven). The cause of this may have been the gradual flashbacks that revealed his childhood, as opposed to just having it be linear. On that note, Lois and Clark had little romantic chemistry! Their relationship at the end also felt very unearned. Not that they’re bad together, but it felt like there’s a whole movie’s worth of stuff between them that we didn’t see.

      Last but not least, I think that the anguish Supes felt after killing Zod wasn’t gone into enough, and not well enough. I just imagine that it would’ve even so much more powerful and affecting if he had just sort of silently started at Zod’s corpse, or sat their in his despair, as opposed to just bawling with Lois holding him. We should’ve felt for him because he HAD to kill, not because he feels bad for killing Zod specifically.

      Overall, I think Man of Steel would get a 3.5 out of 5 rating. It’s got great action sequences, an epic soundtrack, a great villain and conflict, and a decent, if loose, grip on the characters. The problems with the movie, though (including but not limited to those above), drag it down.

      1. Sorry, last but not least: Most of the movie’s failings were cinematic ones, in my opinion. I have no problem with him killing Zod, for example, but it just wasn’t handled well.

  2. I thought Man of Steel was a solid B+ movie. I’m not sure where all the vitriol on the Internet is coming from, but I suspect some of it has to do with this being an adaptation of such a beloved comic book character. Although I haven’t read many Superman stories (just mostly elseworld tales), I see this film as Zack Synder’s version of Superman in the same way that Grant Morrison writes the character differently than Jeph Loeb or Mark Waid. I understand that Superman was created with certain inherent principles but I can’t get behind this idea that Superman (or any comic book character for that matter) was done “wrong” when there are so many varying versions of the character to begin with. Batman is known for not killing or using a gun, yet in the Nolan films he uses many vehicles with guns and causes a fair amount of collateral damage. Not to mention these are fictitious characters. Having Abraham Lincoln shoot lasers out of his eyes would have been “wrong.” Comic book characters are ever-changing depending on the person or persons at the helm.

    I know there’s a lot of hubbub over the final scene in which Superman actually kills Zod, but from a cinematic standpoint I thought that was one of the best scenes in the entire film. Here’s a character that has been told that he needs to use his powers for the betterment of mankind and he’s put into an impossible situation in which killing Zod will ultimately save the people of Earth. In doing so, he also chooses to kill the last Kryptonian and essentially put an end to his people.

    My other point is a simpler one: There might have been flaws in the film, but I didn’t notice a lot of them while watching, so for me, that’s the sign of an enjoyable film. There might be some flaws in The Dark Knight but whenever I watch the film I’m so absorbed that I don’t notice. The Dark Knight Rises, on the other hand, I couldn’t enjoy as much because I saw all the blemishes.

  3. * For the sake of not being redundant I’ve chosen to remove my opinions on the film from this post and instead will share them in full when we present our Man of Steel film review podcast. Thanks to everyone who replied. I look forward to hearing more of your thoughts as we dig deeper into the film later this week.



  4. I really liked Man of Steel. The choice to kill Zod was definitely a bold move and really had some meaning behind it which I liked, like how after killing Zod you get the sense that Superman really believed Kryptonians and Humans could live together but deep down he knows that they can’t because of Zod so he decides to kill Zod, one of the last kryptonians. Even though I liked that bold choice the filmmakers made, I REALLY wish they could have played it out a little more. I agree that the humor was hit or miss (almost entirely miss) and that Lois Lane was a weak character in this movie and hopefully they can make her a strong and more likable character in Man of Steel 2. I also think a lot of people were expecting this movie to be a “The Dark Knight” kind of movie and I’ve even seen people mistakenly say that Chris Nolan directed this movie. I also enjoyed the flashbacks too as I thought it was a neater way of telling the story than going in chronological order. The cinemography, acting, and special effects were cool, especially seeing Superman fly for the first time which felt exhilarating. The casting was pretty well done except for maybe Amy Adams but I guess we’ll see how she holds up in the next movie. I’m really excited to see what will happen in the next movie, especially using Lex Luthor. I’m hoping that the choices Superman made in this movie (Decimating half of Metropolis and Smallville, putting people in harms way, and killing Zod) will have consequences like Lex trying to convince that Superman is a god that needs to be stopped. If his consequences don’t show up in the next movie, I think I’ll be a little disappointed in this film but overall I’d give Man of Steel a B+ to A- but again, this is just my opinion and people should really just go see it for themselves and not let reviews deter you from seeing or liking the movie. Anyways, love the podcast. Been listening to it for the past year and you guys helped me get into comics again 🙂 thanks!

  5. I really liked it. The end scene with Superman killing Zod was very powerful and I really liked it. My only gripe with it is that Superman destroyed all the babies without batting an eye and then gets all teared up after killing Zod. That is the only thing that bothered me.

    As for Steve’s griping about product placement, who cares? I think that it is fine as long as it doesn’t feel forced, and the Sears’ one didn’t feel forced to me. I think it is a great way for movies to get some funding that is not reliant on ticket sales.

    The scenes from Krypton were amazing, Jor-el was played very well.

    For a Superman movie I think it was the one I have been waiting for as the other Superman movies did not have the action I think they really needed to feel like Superman.

    1. The Sears one just did not feel forced to me, I noticed it of course, but I am fine with product placement. I think it is how TV shows should do it so I would not have to watch as many ads.

      They left the camera on the LexCorp logo for a about as long as they did the Sears logo. I don’t see the difference.

  6. Man of Steel

    An expansive movie with sheer size and volume that overwhelm the senses at times.

    Where to begin? From the beginning. I must admit the part I was least interested in turned out to be very enjoyable. The Krypton events and visuals were well done and added value to the Superman data base in my head. The explaining of the culture and way in which Zod & Jor-El were set up, was captivating. Michael Shannon pulls of psycho Zod and an actor ,who is an unlikeable fellow in real life, Russell Crowe, was likeable. This origin was fun.

    The Kansas life, intertwined with Clark trying to find himself, was just enough. Kevin Costner pulls off a great Pa Kent. Henry Cavill is a stone cold winner as Superman. Nails it.

    The “investigative” reporter shines. Lois Lane determining who the mystery man hero is, (Clark Kent) , took about as long as my trip to refill my diet coke. Adams is a good Lois, not great, but good. Why Lawrence Fishburn was in the movie, is beyond me. He added no value and they wasted him.

    Action, action, action. The battles are loud and destructive. Then they get get louder and more destructive. To the point that the battles were characters themselves. The massive destruction to both Smallviile and Metrpolis became excessive. I’m not PC by any means, but the fighter plane crashing into a ball of flames into the skyscraper and then it falling, gave me instant 911 recall thoughts and that part could have been left out. The fights seemed to go on and on, while visually stunning, after hero/villain has been slammed through 5 building, do I need to see them slammed through 5 more? And just when you think it’s over….. another epic battle….. & loud ….. & more being slammed through buildings.
    Hell, I felt sorry for the buildings and didn’t care if Zod or Superman survived.

    My conflicts about the movie
    Too much ghost of Jor-El weakened Superman’s authority and build up as “The Hero”
    Lois and the ghost of Jor-El come up with the way to defeat Zod ( see above)
    Superman was all punch and brute force, where was the intelligence, the planning, the way he would use his strength as deception ,as he was, or had, planned something to really win the battle.
    The two weak attempts at humor were so forced and out of place…. Downhill after the first kiss & he’s hot… Stick to the story, you guys are not Joss Whedon
    Easter egg of Lex Corp tankers, wow…. That’s it ?

    Superman kills? What the ever loving f@@k was that?!?!?!
    I was stunned at the ending , my Superman doesn’t kill
    How, after fighting for what seemed like a damn week, does Superman all the sudden overpower Zod so easily ??

    I rated the movie a 7 out of 10 on IMBD. Entertaining and at least a great effort o DC to make a super hero movie that can at least finally compete with Marvels best.

    With the dark tones, lack of humor and generally difficult characters to make live action, Justice League will be tough to pull off in my opinion. I’ve always seen Marvel as more street level type characters that were basically live action characters set in comics. That makes the movie transition easier. I always saw DC as the more costumed, eccentric , fantasy types that worked great in comics and really well in animated movies. We will see what the future brings

    Bottom line, go see the movie, it’s fun, it’s entertaining and it supports our comics. !!!

    Am I the only one that had a Wolverine Origins flashback during Zod’s heat vision manifestation (Similar to Scott Summers school hallway scene)? Also, the blade sliding out of Zod’s gloved armor, very similar to Weapon 11 in Wolverine Origins. Did anyone else see the physical & facial similarities in Henry Cavill and Hugh Jackman, especially during the oil rig rescue?

    HWWJR 6/14/2013

    1. Superman has killed in comics. This was an origin story to me and the sense that Superman was the pinnacle he is elsewhere hadn’t came to be yet. I really felt the emotion of that decision he had to make with Zod because Zod would not stop, there was no prison that he could be put in, no other way of stopping him.

      The lack of humor is fine because it was a self-discovery film and self-reflection. Clark was on a mission to discover who he was so I didn’t think the lack of humor was out of place.

      This was not a Superman that knew everything about himself or knew where he was going, which I found to be the heart of the story. I hope MoS 2 does a good job in addressing the fall out from the events in MoS.

      At least that is the way I saw it.

      1. I see your point Christian. I was just not expecting The outcome. It really was a good self discovery movie about Superman. In my comments, I was actually referring to not needing the comedy attempts just as you stated. It was not need and seemed way out of place to me.

        HWWJR 6/18/13

        1. I get what you are pointing at. I found the comedy to be fine.

          I wasn’t seeing the killing part either, that was a little out of left field and I was shocked by it.

  7. I’ll sum this up quick and easy how I felt about it. Worst comic book movie made. Green Lantern and Cat Woman were both better. Ugh, so bad… sooooo soooooo bad.

  8. Its hard to make a good Superman movie realistic (as possible) at the same time…and with that being said this will be the closest we will ever get. I enjoyed the movie much more then expected and liked the ending (at one point I was actually thinking “how the f@ck is this going to resolve?”). Looking forward to a Batman/Superman movie which should laydown great roadwork for a JLA megamovie…

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