Guardians of the Galaxy #3 Review

Who can’t love this face?

Guardians of the Galaxy #3

Written by Brian Michael Bendis

Pencils by Steve McNiven & Sara Pichelli

Inks by John Dell, Steve McNiven, & Sara Pichelli

Colors by Justin Ponsor

Letters by VC’s Cory Petit

Review by Adam Shaw


What I really love about Guardians of the Galaxy is the amazing dynamic of this hodge-podge team, and the snappy, enjoyable dialog from Bendis. From the art, the action, the humor, story, and the emotion, this book brings it on many levels.

So far, GotG has been fairly humorous. Peter Quill, Tony Stark, and Rocket Raccoon serve up some of the most enjoyable dialog I’ve read in recent memory. That’s because the humor Bendis has injected is believable. These three already possess the gift of the gab, and they do what beings do in crap situations. They use humor to try and make light of what is happening around them. It’s something we’ve seen in countless WWII films.

Gamora, Draxx, and Groot don’t have as much to say as the others, but they still get their moments to shine, and that is all thanks to the art team. If you were to strip the entire dialog from this book, you would still be able to follow the story and understand who each of the characters is. Groot only ever says the same line, “I am Groot.” Here we get to see the emotions that lie under the bark. This is just one panel, but it conveys so much more than I could write here.

Give the letterer some credit as well!

Of course if we were to strip all the dialog we would miss out on half of the fun, but this series isn’t all about blowing things up and having a laugh. That’s a lot of it, but Bendis is able to shift the tone to the more serious when needed. Things are stirring up with Quill’s Father, King J-son, and the Royal Conclave. There is definitely some treachery going on, and it will be interesting to see how Bendis unfolds these events. (Please, don’t wind up like Age of Ultron!)

The Verdict

Buy It! Guardians of the Galaxy #3 brings the milkshake to the yard. You don’t even need to read the previous issues to pick this up (You should, though). Everything you need to know is introduced organically through the story. This is the full package: Great art, characters, story, laughs, murder (BLAM!), and galactic treachery!

4 thoughts on “Guardians of the Galaxy #3 Review

  1. I agree with you, Adam, there is more going on with Guardians of the Galaxy than “blowing things up and having a laugh” – although that’s certainly one of its strengths. I don’t seeing this series going the way of Age of Ultron, because I’m assuming it will be tying in with the Infinity event this August. I trust Hickman to plot out a more coherent crossover event than Bendis did. Still, we’ll see.

    1. Yeah, I can’t wait for Infinity, and that’s mostly because of Hickman. We’ll see how AU goes come Wednesday, but I’m not holding my breath.

  2. I read this issue last week fully intending on dropping the title from my pull list. It’s not a bad book, but it’s just not holding my interest as I thought it would, and the repeated line of, “BLAM! Murdered you!” from issue #2 really bothered me. However, after reading through issue #3, I think I’m starting to “get” it. Guardians is built on such a grand scale that it reminds me so much of Star Wars, especially with the planetary politics that are taking place. This issue in particular felt like its own mini-movie. I know these books are about the same length yet for some reason I feel like Guardians packs far more into each issue than the standard Marvel book.

    That being said, I’m not looking forward to this book getting tied in with other Marvel events; I like the fact that it sort of (and literally) exists outside the rest of the Marvel Universe.

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