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130520-HowDoesHeShaveAs you’re all (probably) aware, Zack Snyder’s upcoming Superman film, Man of Steel, hits theaters shortly on June 14. Many people, like myself, have super high hopes for the film. There have been a TON of trailers, TV spots, posters and more as Warner Bros. tries to amp up audiences for what is likely to be the biggest film of the summer, but one thing has stood out to many people, including Conan O’Brien.

In the trailer, we see Clark Kent out on a fishing boat or oil-rig or something and he’s not exactly the Clark Kent that we know… I mean, he IS, but the Clark Kent WE know is clean-shaven and has nice, smooth skin. But then we see that he no longer has a beard… which leaves the question: how does Superman shave?

Let’s take a moment to think about this, his beard would be all SUPER too and normal razors probably wouldn’t work.

This brings me to my point: I’m going to be on a Man of Steel panel exactly ONE WEEK from today and I’m pretty excited about it. It’s sponsored by Gillette and it poses that exact same question: how DOES Superman shave?

Kevin Smith, Bill Nye [the Science Guy], Jamie and Adam from Mythbusters and more have thrown their ideas out there and next week is my turn. I want YOUR help though. How do YOU think Superman shaves? Leave your comments and suggestions here and I’ll read the best ones out on the panel for

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  1. Adam Shaw

    Hancock was on TV the other day, and he just used his fingernails to scrape it off his face. I wonder if Supes can do the same.

    • Bob Reyer


      Great Caesar’s ghost! Mike’s hit the jackpot!

      Give that man one of Perry White’s cigars!

      Seriously, more than once in the old days, that was the exact method, especially after Red Kryptonite caused his hair and nails to grow to absurd lengths!

      • Stephanie Cooke

        I knoooooooooooow how he shaved in the comic books, but so do the other people on the panel and I’m still on the panel. I’m asking for new ideas as to how he might shave if that theory were to not exist.


      • Bob Reyer

        Yeeesh! What a grouch!

        One week away from the show…

        Anyway, I know exactly how Superman shaves; he uses the Gillette Atra, but only the special “Kryptonite” model!

        So there!

        Cranky Old Uncle Bob

      • Stephanie Cooke

        Haha sorry, I just had people all day telling me what was in the comics and TV show when I already knew that. I guess I should’ve specified that I already had that information.

  2. Bob Reyer

    Wait…wait…I’ve got it!

    “Moths…left-handed moths!”

    Signor Ravelli (Chico Marx) “Animal Crackers”, 1930

    The rest goes somethinglike this

    Capt. Spaulding (Groucho): “That’s your solution. Left-handed moths ate the painting.”

    Ravelli: Pretty good, eh Boss?”

    Capt. S: “I wish you were in it!”

    (As Stephanie is wishing that I was!! rrr)

  3. paytontodd

    It’s much like the hardness level with physics…You cannot scratch something if it has a hardness level equal or lesser than itself. Since superman is equal to himself, I doubt the fingernail deal.

    But how about this: His skin is impenetrable! If nothing can penetrate it, it is impossible for him to have hair. In conclusion, superman wears a wig and super glues hair to his face and body.

    • Stephanie Cooke

      When Superman was still THE Superman, that was actually the case! A reporter totally made it their life’s work to uncover why Superman had no hair and set out to try and explain it. The continuity changed though and eventually Superman had actual hair, or maybe it’s all an elaborate illusion!

  4. Christian

    He uses a razor that his parents packed in the capsule with him when he left Krypton.


    He walks into a kryptonite bathroom at the Fortress of Solitude and shaves like a human would, with a Gillette razor.

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