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Comic Book Podcast Issue #83 | X-Men Up, Vertigo Down! | Talking Comics

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Brian Wood’s X-Men #1 has been the book on everyone’s lips this week and because of that we bring in Joey Braccino and Mara Wood (formerly Whiteside) to help us breakdown just what this all female X-Men team means to the Marvel Universe.

But, that is not all, because we also have Marty Langford the director and producer of  DOOMED! The Untold Story of Roger Corman’s THE FANTASTIC FOUR. He comes on to tell us about his crowd funding campaign to get the film made, share some amazing stories about how the original movie came to be, and to just talk comics.

If you like what you hear head on over to and give to the cause of making this a dream reality.

We of course talk our Books of the Week. Some of the included titles are: The Wake, Dark Avengers, Heart Shaped Box, Wolverine and the X-Men and Marvel Knights “4.”

Annnnnnnnnnd… we say it on the show, but just in case you missed it, the Talking Comics crew on Twitter are:

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Stephanie: @hellocookie
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Mara Whiteside: @marvelousMaraW

Check out her work on Nerdspan, on her blog, and her fantastic gender issues column here on Talking Comics!

FYI: the crew have gone all superhero on the world, thanks to the wonderful Hanie Mohd. Like them? Make sure to follow her and let us know what you think of our new superhero pictures.

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9 Responses

  1. Ryan Carroll

    All of the teasers for the Mighty have me very interested. I believe that in the context of Infinity it’s actually the Mighty who’ll be fighting Thanos; it’s a conflict on two fronts, with the Avengers themselves going throughout the universe to fight the Builders, and the Illuminati and others staying behind to fight off Thanos, who, seeing the Avengers have left, comes to Earth to take it over. Seeing the lesser characters, like the Superior Spider-Man, Luke Cage, and She-Hulk fight Thanos will be intriguing. It’ll be the time for the heroes who are not as major to step up.

  2. thisjohnd

    I’d like to say that I am excited for Villains Month but any bit of excitement I had when the project was first announced is gradually waning as each book gets announced. If it had been the CURRENT villain of each book taking over that title for a month, that’s something I could get behind, but as Bobby said, this is just DC flooding the market with titles. I know Bob said that he thinks people will neglect titles like Batgirl or Batwoman in order to make room in their wallets for all the Batman titles, and while that could possibly be true, in DC’s eyes, I think they believe people will drop their Marvel books in favor for Man-Bat, Riddler, Two-Face, etc., etc., yada, yada, blah, blah.

    Also, glad to know what Marvel Knight’s 4 is all about, so thanks to Joey for mentioning it. I actually picked up several of these in my hunt for Fantastic Four titles thinking that at some point in the run Marvel just changed the name to try and be hip or something; I had no idea this was a separate line. I might just have to try and track down more of them now.

  3. NameitPurple

    It’s such a shame to see DC thrashing about wildly and relying on what appears on the outside to be more and more obvious and desperate gimmicks to try and regain market share, or even just bump their sales in the short term.
    As a kid I was a massive DC fan, and got back into a lot of the mainline books in the New 52 relaunch, but now I’m pretty much down to Snyder’s Batman.
    On a related point, I really hope we aren’t seeing the end of the Vertigo imprint. A lot of my favourite books have come out of their over the years. I think the guys’ idea of going digital only might be a fantastic one, if it saves it.

  4. Christian


    I commented on the FB post of this, but I wanted to touch on it here since I didn’t see you had commented in reply.

    First off, I find it offensive that you blame DC on bean counters. 😉 hehe. I get why you would say that, but as a bean counter I would never make any recommendations that would ultimately harm the business in the long-term. That said, I am not like many bean counters either since I have more experience with analysis and economics than most accountants do.

    Accountants would only provide information to management, management would than make decisions based on that data. But, if the managers do not understand the context in which to view the data you get the decisions that are being made DC. Those in charge are failing to see the big picture and seem to only be acting in reaction rather than with foresight, as reflected in their gimmicks.

    The thing is DC has several books that are great sellers and they have some real quality books, all they need to do is replicate that, but they seem so focused on short-sightedness that they are blind to the present and future trends.

    This also flows into their movie universe. They run around haphazardly making movies without a unified vision, this also is present in the New 52 for the most part. They seem to be interested in a Justice League movie only if Man of Steel does well and only in reaction to Marvel’s Avengers. This is a very poor way to run a business and a very poor way to plan for growth and for a future.

    Well, this is view from a bean counter, business analyst and economist, so take it for what it is. Bob, I would love to talk about it more with you.


    • Bob Reyer


      Far be it from me to impugn the intentions, motives or works of accountants and analysts; some of my best friends are “bean counters”!

      I haphazardly use that term to describe upper management types who measure success solely by marketing surveys and the bottom line. My scorn is directed at them, as your’s seems to be as well!

      I’m hard on DC, and it’s because they were where my comics collecting began; but with “Crisis” after “Crisis:, re-boots, ret-cons & re-launches, the characters I loved have been mostly lost to a marketing scheme directed at maintaining their 25-35 male core audience at the expense of a larger vision of the market as you describe. Wouldn’t an “Earth-2” that was populated with classic heroes and stories told in a Silver/Bronze Age style have kept old-timers such as myself from jumping ship, as well as being all-age appropriate and young reader friendly?

      DC made a big initial splash with the New 52, but some of the lustre has worn away. They will certainly rake in some greenbacks with their Summer events, but how much money a project earns is not always the measure of its aristic merit. To quote the great American newspaperman and renowned cynic H.L. Mencken “No one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public.”


      • Christian


        Not the old some of friends are XYZ line… lol.

        Management are not bean counters and they are the decision makers, so you are kind of blaming the wrong folks. And yes, I am directing the failings of DC to them and not to the bean counters.

        I have never been a big DC comic person myself until I read Johns’ Green Lantern. But, that is pretty much where it ends for me for the most part. I like Batman and some bat-books, though I can live without them, and I like Lemire’s Green Arrow. Other than that I just don’t like Justice or any of the other titles that DC does because they are just not all too much in the quality dept for me.

        As for their sales, they are declining and will continue to do so until they understand that quality, not gimmicks, is what people want. This is the reason that Marvel is killing it right now, they have too many good books which kills me each week, lol.

        It also seems that DC has no intention to diversify their portfolio to gain a wider audience like Marvel does.

        I guess the reason I still read Green Lantern is because it was general left alone by all the Crisis B.S. As for Earth-2 with classic heroes, I have little interest in that because I guess I was never too big of a DC fan. The reason I have shied away from DC is because I don’t relate to the characters like I do with the Marvel characters, with the exception of the GL universe.

        I will not be participating in their summer events and I am not very interested in their Villains thing either, so they will not be gaining any money from me. I will keep getting the GL books and I will be cutting back on the Bat books and as long as Green Arrow keeps being good I will get it. As for the rest of the DC line-up, could not care less.

        As for the HL Mencken line, I think it applies on a general level maybe, but I don’t think it applies here, especially since DC is declining each month.


  5. Christian

    I also wanted to make a shorter comment on the X-Men book.

    I really don’t get what all the uproar was about it being an all female team. I gotta say I couldn’t care less if it was all females because they are all awesome X-Men characters!

    What bothered me is the big deal that everyone was making of it, on both extremes of the issue.

    I view all people as humans and when I see people make a deal out of some categorizing of humans into subcategories it really bothers me. I think when people just let go of the labeling we do then we will be much further ahead in the acceptance that we are all human beings.

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