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With the announcement of Forever Evil and Villains Month earlier today, it was inevitable that we’d start to see some covers and details regarding the event. Well the first batch of covers have been announced, in all their (well most of them at least) 3D motion cover glory. Here’s a look:


Superman #1 will become Bizzaro #1


Green Arrow will become Count Vertigo #1cyborg_superman

Action Comics will become Cyborg Superman #1


Justice League Dark will become The Creeper #1


Justice League will become Darkseid #1


Justice League of America will become Deadshot #1


Earth 2 will become Desaad #1


The Flash will become Grodd #1


Swamp Thing will become Arcane #1 relic

Green Lantern will become Relic #1

twofaceBatman and…will become Two Face #1


The Dark Knight will become Ventriloquist #1.

As the week goes on, we’ll no doubt see more covers from Villains Month released, as well as solicitations for who will be writing these stand-alone issues.

What are some of your favorite covers from this bunch? Any stand out to you more than others? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.


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  1. thisjohnd

    I have to say that while I think these 3D covers will certainly catch my eye once they are out and in my local store, looking at them here there’s nothing that really stands out as a must-buy. Since I’m already reading Batman & Robin monthly I suppose the Two-Face one would be the one I would most likely pick up. However, Two-Face isn’t involved in the current storyline so it seems like he’s either going to be shoe-horned in or it’ll have nothing to do with the current “stages of grief” arc that’s going on in that book, in which case, why use Batman & Robin to launch a Two-Face book?

    • Travis McCollum

      I’m pretty sure (I could be wrong) that all of the Villains month books, besides maybe the Riddler story, have very little to do with the actual series they are taking over. They are independent stories and the ongoing story will continue that next month (as well as the drop in price if necessary).

  2. Luciano M

    I am currently enjoying Green Arrow but am new to the series and character so I am hoping the Count Vertigo issue reads like a bit of an origin story for the character. Also this will coincide with a Count vertigo story in the regular Green Arrow so hopefully this is more than just a filler and adds something to the over all story.

  3. optimus

    So I am totally into this if these are all one shot stories for each villain on the cover.

    I personally like to collect stories for as many characters as I can.

    When the writer is really good (Ed Brubaker Cap or Geoff Johns Green Lantern) that one issues will turn into an entire run.

    After I get a really good story or run for a character I find it hard to come back to that character as that I no longer am surprised about what the character will do next. Sure there are new challenges but I know how the character will respond to the problem before they do.

    That is why I love when they do something like kill cap and replace him with Bucky or Bruce with Dick.

    As soon as the old ones came back I start seeing the same old story being told over and over again.

    I also like it when a single story is completed in the same issues. I only buy trades for this reason because story arcs are rarely concluded in less than 6 issues.

    So long story short as long as these are one shots that do not have to deal with some bigger story I am totally into getting these

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