Bikini Cowboy Review


Bikini Cowboy
Written and illustrated by L. Frank Weber
Published by: ComiXology Submit
Review by Stephanie Cooke

I had no idea what to expect when I started reading Bikini Cowboy. The synopsis I read was something along the lines of “She’s a cowboy that wears nothing but a bikini,” and that’s really not too far from the truth. The Bikini Cowboy is a peppy but ruthless cowboy who really is dressed in just a bikini, the official garb of her people: the Hawaiian Witches. Whisky Jill is her name and on her adventures in the desert, she stumbles across a young boy running from some men. After rescuing the boy, she takes him under her wing (or rather her surfboard) and shows him that people can be good. All the while, the two remain on the run from some pretty bad men.

Bikini Cowboy surprised the heck out of me in the best possible way. The character of Whisky Jill is very similar to Jessie from Toy Story, but older, saucier and wearing a bikini.

The art is amazing and even though it’s all just fine pencils with virtually no inking and absolutely no colours, it absolutely works with the story. The way the characters are drawn is right up my alley and I love the style of the men and women in this story. The faces are very expressive and the art is both simple and elaborate at the same time.

The story is fresh and inspired and is enjoyable from start to finish. This is a one-off series from what I can tell, but I would be in line for another one if they ever decided to do more.

I fell in love with Whisky Jill’s personality and her ability to be a tough, rootin’, tootin’ cowboy in the wild wild west even though she doesn’t necessarily fit the bill of strong female character as far as appearances go. You really can’t help but be 100% on board with her in this series and to be fair, indie books need something to draw their readers in and if all else fails, Bikini Cowboy definitely piques ones interest.

Again, this surprised the heck out of me. I loved every minute of this book and I am happy to recommend it to anyone to read.

Not clear enough? BUY IT! It’s seriously a treat for your comic book reading, bad ass self.

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