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Man Of Steel Costume Unveiling

With the Man of Steel theatrical release coming up quickly, Warner Bros. have been quick to put out half a dozen full trailer and TV spots to help promote the film. Taking on a more “Nolan-ian” appearance from the outside, Zack Snyder’s upcoming piece has been gaining more and more attention both from fans and general movie-goers.

Last night in Toronto (that’s in Canada, y’all), I headed to the CN Tower (that’s a massive landmark and one of the world’s eight wonders…) for a big event. That event was the North American unveiling of the official costumes from the Man of Steel movie.

For some reason or another, I KNEW the event was at the CN Tower, but it hadn’t actually occurred to me that it would be at the TOP of the CN Tower. For you who aren’t familiar wit one of our massive landmarks, it’s a basically a gigantic ass building that up until that monstrosity in Dubai, was the tallest building in the world… or something like that. WOO I am LEARNED.

969628_10151585715639719_1906559666_nAnyways though, let’s take a moment to talk about the things that I am actually LEARNED on… like comics. The Man of Steel event was taking place in the CN Tower and I arrived along with my fancy friends from the Silver Snail: Fred (who is really named Nicole), George and Mark and we ASCENDED the tower. We arrived in a private room that had been decked out in sweet Man of Steel decals and free booze. Because if all else fails, an open bar is a GUARANTEED crowd pleaser along with tiny hors d’oeuvres… mmmmm…

WOW, do I have ADD or what?

Anyways, we arrived and chatted amongst one another. I wasn’t allowed to RSVP with another guest, so I was headed the event solo, which was again fine since I met up with the fine folks of the Silver Snail. However, the schmoozing didn’t stop there. I ran into pretty well everyone in the geek community that I know including Sam Maggs, Teddy Wilson, Daryl Collison, Sean Ward and a bunch of others. I met the person from Gillette that I would be working with to do a panel (more info later) and I had wine. And tiny hors d’oeuvres. Mmmmmm…

Around 6pm, an announcement was made and out of a curtained room popped the producer of Man of Steel, along with the director of the film, Zack Snyder, a serious idol of mine after movies like 300, Watchmen and yes… even Sucker Punch, which by the way, is VASTLY underrated. The gentlemen talked very briefly to a relatively small crowd, opening up the exhibit of Man of Steel costumes for us. OFFICIAL Man of Steel costumes. That were worn in the film. By CELEBRITIES. Like Henry Cavill and Amy Adams *swoon*

Screen Shot 2013-05-28 at 12.34.28 AMI checked them out and sat there remarking to myself “Wow, actors are a tiny people…” before heading back to the room and talking to the wonderful people in there. But of course, before THAT, some of the costumes that were there included the Man of Steel himself, SUPERMAN!… the costume worn by Henry Cavill in the film. Another Henry Cavill costume, which I could only assume was the Clark Kent Deadliest Catch edition (yes, I know the joke is worn out… DEAL WITH IT) was on display beside what appeared to be a very reporter-esque and petite costume made for one ginger Lois Lane aka Amy Adams. Some of the guns from the movie were also on display (the security guard would later boast to me “I got to HOLD them!” but when I asked if I too could hold them, he kindly informed me that he was armed with handcuffs… which could either be taken as a warning or a dare…).

As I mentioned, I moved back into the other room to go replenish my supplies of FREE wine and “stumbled” upon Zack Snyder. It was a pretty small get together, so when I say “stumble” I really just mean acquired booze beside. A couple friends of mine were there and it was ONLY them, so I found my time to sneak in and be shameless. Of course, shameless would be to promote oneself or one’s work or something. This “shameless” gal instead jumped into the middle of a conversation and said “I’m a really big fan of yours, I LOVED Sucker Punch even though the rest of the world DIDN’T APPRECIATE IT! Jerks… But hey, could I possible get a picture?”

Only I didn’t say that. That’s something along the lines of what I SHOULD’VE said. What I really said was more like this:

Me: “Oh hey! Could I get a picture?”
Zack: “Sure!”
*Fred (who is really named Nicole) takes several pictures*
Me: “Thanks so much! OH CRAP, by the way, my name is Stephanie and I’m a BIG fan!”
Mark (who is lovely and from the Space Channel up ‘ere in Canada): “-To Zack- Steph works in comics! –To me- Zack ACTUALLY reads comics!”

And then lots of chit chat starts about comics and while I am perfectly in my element… I instead LITERALLY sidestep away like a weird cartoon character and then proceed to take a picture of the picture that Fred (who is really named Nicole) took.

Here is said picture:


I should also take this moment to mention that this whole time? I’m wearing Batman earrings. Yeah. Because I am not sucking up to the MAN.

NOPE, not me.

Rather, I’m just forgetting to introduce myself and such. Which brings me to another random point for the evening: I was re-introduced to several people that I had previously met but hadn’t seen me since I dyed my hair. This led to people not recognizing me right off the bat and led to my accidental default phrase for the night “I’m Stephanie. We’ve met before but I used to be brunette but now I’m blonde,”

All-in-all, it was obviously a very successful evening in which I made lots of new friends and met up with lots of old ones. Even if they didn’t initially recognize me.

OH and one final anecdote for the evening: I mentioned the DELICIOUS mini-foods that were brought out to us all night. There was a distinctly FISHY theme to the whole thing (DAMN YOU DEADLIEST CATCH!) and after a little salmon quiche was brought out and I declined trying one, the server was all “We have a goat cheese and asparagus one!” and I was all “I would be ALL OVER THAT!” and he was all “Then when they’re ready, I will bring them to YOU first!” and I was all “And I will EAT THAT!” and he was all “YEAH YOU WILL!” but you know, slightly less dramatic-like.

SO, after having such a witty repertoire with this man (and of course the security guard who threatened to handcuff me), we were out on the street ready to head back to our respective homes and saying our goodbyes. We ran into the quiche waiter (who I’m pretty sure was named Steven but I’m not 100% sure because I didn’t wear my glasses…). Instead of just being like “Hey! Thanks so much tonight, you were rad!” and things like that, I INSTEAD said this: “Oh HEY! It’s the quiche guy! That quiche was awesome. I love quiche. Thanks for that quiche! Quiche, quiche, quiche!” which probably (and truthfully) wasn’t EXACTLY like that, but it was seriously close enough. Fred (who is really named Nicole) can vouch for that and pretty well all of the aforementioned shenanigans.

Oh, and I waved my beaver at Fred (who is really named Nicole) because that sort of thing is socially acceptable up in Canada.

In other news: PLEASE KEEP INVITING ME OUT TO PLACES, PEOPLE. I am OBVIOUSLY a person who should be let out at fancy functions at ALL TIMES.


OH WOW, LOOK! Replicable weapons I almost got handcuffed for.

Stephanie is [obviously] a comic book fan, but she also considers herself an avid gamer, movie watcher, lover of music, board games fan (although she doesn’t find nearly enough time for them…) and being snarky. Oh, and Twitter. Twitter’s a hobby, right?…

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