Fables #129 Review

Fables 129

Fables #129

Story by Bill Willingham

Art by Mark Buckingham

Review by Mara Whiteside


The cover says it all: Snow knows that her fight with Brandish may be her last. The desperate resolve in her eyes and the knowledge of the children she is leaving behind makes this decision to fight all the more difficult. Why? She feels every injury inflicted on Brandish.

Despite the stakes, Snow knows that the only way she protect her family is to end Brandish’s life. In true Fables fashion, she selects a fencing blade and challenges Brandish to a duel.

Snow’s fight with Brandish is painful to read. Her advanced training in fencing makes her difficult to kill, but her broken arm leaves the reader worried about her wellbeing. What’s more is the anticipation that the moment she kills Brandish can end her life as well.

Fans of Fables will need to read this issue. Not only does it feature the magnificent Snow White, it reveals a huge plot development at the end that will forever change Bigby and Snow’s family.


Fables has brought us a great Snow White storyline these past few months. No matter your familiarity with the series, you’ll enjoy the conclusion to Willingham’s Snow White arc. Besides, you’ll want to see where the series is heading.

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