Age of Ultron #8 Review

This variant cover is the most exciting thing about the issue.
This variant cover is the most exciting thing about the issue.

Age of Ultron #8

Written by Brian Michael Bendis

Art by Brandon Peterson

Colors by Paul Mounts

Reviewed by Adam Shaw


I have been on such a roller coaster on whether or not I am enjoying Age of Ultron, but after this eighth issue I am unsure if I even have an opinion anymore. I’m a newer Marvel convert, so I didn’t know if I should be screaming, “Oh my flipping god! I can’t believe this!” in pitch fork raising anger or in a fanboy squeal of glee, or even if I should just shrug, “meh.”

I understand that having to occasionally check out Wikipedia for some back history is a thing you got to do if you want to read superhero comics at the big two. That’s cool, I do that, and I had to do it for issue #8 of Age of Ultron. Outside of the tales of King Arthur, I am unfamiliar with Morgan La Fey, so I took to reading up a little bit on her.

Eight issues in and we haven’t even seen Ultron, or even heard what he was/is/will be up to in about two issues. I’m sure in the next two issues things will come together, but it doesn’t feel like we are getting anything out of this issue. Alternate time-line Tony Stark keeps insisting 616 Sue and Logan are working with La Fey, and then she just shows up.  It wasn’t very surprising, and it didn’t feel engaging or interesting either. I just rolled my eyes. Oh, and next issue is supposed to be Wolverine versus Wolverine again. I mean… I just… I can’t.

Maybe I’m way off my mark, but this issue just fell flat. I found it hard to get excited about the events, and felt the issue just missed all its beats; pacing has been the plague of this series. The art didn’t grab my attention either. It was by no means bad. It was just there.

The Verdict

I’m going to have go with “meh.” I had such high hopes that I was going to enjoy the rest of the series after issue six. I’d skip this issue (or just drop the event) if I were you. Maybe out of some misguided sense of pride and stubbornness, but I’m going to finish this event (I bailed on AvX last summer). I’ll wait until both of the last two issues are out, and then read them together. I’ll let you know if the event picks itself up again.

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