Issue #78: Top Five Ongoing Comic Book Series


Issue #78: Top Five Ongoing Comic Book Series | Talking Comics

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Batman, Saga, Daredevil, Hawkeye and Morning Glories will not be on this week’s list of Top 5 ongoing series, because the Talking Comics crew has decided to challenge themselves! The gang make lists consisting of the best books we don’t always talk about, and they do so with the help of site uber contributor Joey Braccino. There are surprises on these lists so you don’t want to miss them!

The boys also talk about the Man of Steel trailer, the Thor: The Dark World teaser, the news on the Ant-Man film and of course our books of the week. Which include Miniature Jesus, Justice League, Daredevil, Captain Marvel, Greg Rucka’s Wonder Woman and much more!

Annnnnnnnnnd… we say it on the show, but just in case you missed it, the Talking Comics crew on Twitter are:

Bobby: @bobbyshortle
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Stephanie: @hellocookie
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FYI: the crew have gone all superhero on the world, thanks to the wonderful Hanie Mohd. Like them? Make sure to follow her and let us know what you think of our new superhero pictures.

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13 thoughts on “Issue #78: Top Five Ongoing Comic Book Series

  1. Hey guys, great show as usual, but still too short. Im gonna be Jonesing til next Wednesday.
    I really like the way you guys decided to make your top 5 ongoing list without putting in the obvious oft-mentioned ones. Although i don’t think Fatale is talked about that often that it warranted being left off. But IIRC correct joey had it on his?
    Anyway – Bobby, super glad you had new Avengers on your list. I mentioned to Rob on twitter a few weeks ago that i was enjoying it more than the mainline Avengers book. It’s just so great to have T’challa centre stage in a book. This is a character that more ppl need to read and familiarize themselves with. He has not just ass-kicking ability but is super smart and more than any other character, embodies a certain nobility that is often lost when one considers the more Marquee characters. The other great thing is that he takes names and readily admits that when the dust settles, payments owed are due.
    The personalities that are present in New Avengers have the panels oozing with tension. These are the smartest people in the marvel universe and they’re struggling with an approaching and potentially world ending crisis. Pants-tingling good is what it is.

    Benedict Cumberbatch as Dr Doom sounds awesome. But perhaps opting for the typically english accented baddie is too well worn a cliche?

    I really love joey’s idea for a Red Dead redemption comic book. Holy feckin shitballs – ive had that game since it was released. traded numerous newer games in since, but i love to keep it and stick it on the odd time just to drink in the scenery and go for a little trot. Truly a work of art in computer gaming.

    Dexter Soy to take over art duties on Gambit? Yes please – great to see marvel putting some effort into their most underrated hero 🙂 y’all gonna jump on when Dexter starts penciling…right?

    Bob – you finally got the Transformers title right – i feel like the world might end as a result 🙁

    To finish – after much thought here are my top 5 ongoing…

    1. The Shadow (it has George Orwell in the current arc ffs)
    2. New Avengers (see above)
    3. Fatale (a supernatural noir pulp – whats not to like?)
    4. Daredevil (or red batman as he’s been called)
    5. Gambit (sorry – i had to)

    1. I submit that Javier Bardem should play Doctor Doom. He seems Latverian, if there was a Latveria. Also, he can be extremely intimidating. His deep, measured voice alone…

  2. I definitely have to give some love to swamp thing, it’s not a title I probably would’ve picked it up without all of the strong endorsements its gotten!

    Other than that, I’ve been loving hawkeye, indestructible hulk, justice league, and east of west!!

  3. Joey: I notice you said you love gambit as a character, I totally have an uncanny x-men #266(intro of gambit) signed by Stan lee! Just thought you’d find that interesting

  4. Definitely enjoyed hearing Joey’s insight in this week’s episode since he had some diverse titles in his top five list. I’ve been reading Wolverine and the X-Men in trade and absolutely loving it. Having just read Joss Whedon’s Astonishing X-Men run and nothing else, Wolverine and the X-Men feels like a pretty decent continuation of that story both tonal and humor-wise.

    You all have me really close to picking up X-Factor but what Bobby said was correct, the numbering scares me. I know it’s silly but I feel like I can jump in to something like Amazing Spider-Man or Fantastic Four regardless of the numbering because I understand the fundamentals of the characters. I haven’t a clue who’s in X-Factor, so that is what keeps me from jumping on. However, I do want to jump on…EXCEPT that I just read that it might be getting cancelled?! Hopefully you guys speak to this on the next episode because that’s kind of a bummer. Even if it does get relaunched as a Marvel NOW! (phase 2?) title, what are the chances Peter David is still on it?

    I think the digital discussion regarding Comixology is interesting when you compare it to something like Amazon and their Kindle books. I rarely see discussions about Kindle books not being owned because I think people assume Amazon will be around forever. But as a user you have just as much “ownership” of a Kindle book as you do a comic book at Comixology.

    1. John,

      Regarding the cancellation of XFactor, the “news” broke via Rich Johnston’s notorious rumour mill “Bleeding Cool”, and when challenged about the story on a CBR XFactor discussion board, he acknowledged that just because the book was “cancelled”, that didn’t mean that it wouldn’t be re-launched…and sooner rather than later. Peter David commented on Twitter (and reprinted on that same forum) today, saying “Never mistake speculation for news”.

      On the last issue’s opening page, Mr. David was absent: “MEANWHILE: Peter wasn’t able to work on this recap page because he’s been busy sculpting the future of XFactor. He visited the Marvel offices recently to chat with his editors, and we can guarantee: he’s got plans. Big plans. Plans you won’t want to miss.”

      It sounds as if Peter David will be a part of XFactor, whether or not it’s re-numbered as part of a “Marvel Now 2” re-branding.

      I hope this helps,

  5. This helps a great deal, Bob, and I hope that Peter David is able to finish out his “big plans” for the series, because it sounds like he’s doing all the right things.

    Here’s my question: Should I begin with the Hell on Earth storyline that’s finishing up next month or just wait until the event is over to jump on? I know you mentioned on the show that any issue is a good issue to jump on but if big things are changing as a result of this current story arc, I’d rather get in at the start of that.

    1. A few issues prior to Hell on earth would be a good starting point methinks! The issue right after the “Breaking Points” storyline (~#246) might be a solid start if you want to be “in” the story, but, as we suggest in the podcast, jumping on after Hell On Earth will probably be a good place, too, if you don’t want to spring for back issues!

      Also, I know that a lot of the run is on the Marvel Infinite app, so if you have subscription to that, you can definitely pick and choose issues there!

  6. Thanks, Joey, I definitely thought about Marvel Infinite as I was typing this up. I’ll have to check my store for that X-Factor issue; otherwise I might start collecting trades of this epic run.

  7. Well folks, I think I’ll have to offer up an apology to Rich Johnston, and a handkerchief to all my fellow XFactor fans, as Marvel announced at C2E2 that the September issue will be the last. Peter David said he as a new project in the works for Marvel, so I’m hoping against hope that it will involve at least some of the XFactor cast in a repurposed group after a Marvel Now re-launch. I’m clinging to the “big plans” comment, and crossing my fingers, frankly.

    As Mr. David was the creator of SpiderMan 2099, and with that character about to re-emerge, that would seem to be the logical choice for a new PAD project.

    Sorry if I raised anyone’s hopes, just to have them dashed against the rocks of commerce.

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