Nova #3 Review

Nova 3
Awesome Cover!!

Nova #3

Written by Jeph Loeb

Pencils by Ed McGuinness

Inks by Dexter Vines

Colors by Marte Gracia

Review by Adam Shaw


Nova #3 from Jeph Loeb and Co. continues with all the enjoyment and merriment of the first two issues. Simply put it is fun;  Pure simple unadulterated fun. By the end of this review you’ll probably be sick of reading the word fun. I even cracked open the old Thesaurus to see if I could find some alternative words. I found: charming, amusing, enjoyable, witty, delightful, and gratifying, but none of those on their own really encompasses everything that makes up what fun is. They are all just parts of what make Nova such a fun book to sit down and read.

IMG_0284Okay, so what makes this issue fun? The issue starts with young Sam talking with at The Watcher on the moon. All of this superhero and traveling to space is completely new to him and he approaches it with all the innocence and excitement of youth. The dialog is well crafted and feels natural. I’m a school teacher by trade, and I hear kids talk like this day in and day out.

The fun continues as Gamora and Rocket Raccoon show up again in order to train Sam per his father’s wishes. As they train, we learn a little more about what The Watcher, or as Sam calls him The Pointer, showed him, and that the threat that is headed towards Earth. Overall, the issue had a nice flow that was carried by the strong dialog and interaction among the characters. One more time, it was fun!

I have heard a little criticism that Sam’s reactions seemed strange for someone living in a world full of heroes. We get some acknowledgement from Sam that he is in fact aware of the world he lives in. Heck he’s even heard of another Nova before. His disbelief more than likely stems from his views of his father as a pretty dead beat dude. He can believe in aliens and cosmic warriors, but he can’t believe his father could’ve ever been one.

The Verdict

Buy it and give it a shot. I’m enjoying the heck out of this book, and totally digging on the art as well. Also, for those that scrolled to the bottom first, this book is fun.

Adam is the "Valiant Guy" for Talking Comics. He is the host of the Talking Valiant podcast. Adam also has immense knowledge of the old Star Wars expanded universe. He's a high school English teacher by day, and has a Master's degree…

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