Marvel And ComiXology Try A Revised Offer For 700 Free #1s

So last month, Marvel and ComiXology had an awesome giveaway of 700 Marvel #1 comics and fans went wild with excitement, so much excitement that ComiXology’s site nearly crashed and and the company had to apologize.

For those of us who didn’t get a chance to get all the #1 comics that we wanted, the two companies are doing it again. Call it a second chance if you will as they are again offering 700 free #1 issues through the Marvel Comics app and through Marvel’s Digital Comics Shop. However this second chance comes with some stipulations so listen up. You have until 11:59 p.m. Tuesday night to sign up for an account through a promotional page so you can access the goods.

Once you sign up through the page, you’ll see this message:

Congratulations and thank you! You have signed up to get access to over 700 free comics through Marvel #1!

Starting Thursday, April 11th, 2013, we will begin notifying waves of fans by email to provide redemption instructions and let them know when they can access the Marvel #1 offer.

Don’t worry if your email doesn’t arrive on April 11th. As long as you signed up by April 9, 2013, you will receive your email soon! We want to make sure we get to all our fans so that they have the best experience possible.

Looks like ComiXology are taking preventative measures so users don’t slam the service all at once this time. An email confirming registration for the promotion says that fans will have 48 hours to download the #1 issues that they want should they accept this mission. Looks like I’m signing up. I wonder if the comics are the same 700 that they were offering before or are these a different set? Do you guys think ComiXology’s site will crash or run smoothly this time?

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