Industry Heavyweights Form First Amendment Justice League for CBLDF

Slam Evil!


The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund has announced a superstar lineup of comic industry heavyweights to comprise their newly formed Advisory Board – effectively forging a real-life Justice League dedicated to fighting censorship and protecting First Amendment rights from villains only slightly less nefarious than Starro the Conqueror.

The Advisory Board will consist of founder Denis Kitchen (founder, Kitchen Lind and Associates), former board member Neil Gaiman (author, Sandman, American Gods, Chu’s Day), Frank Miller (writer/artist, Daredevil, Batman, Sin City), Jim Lee (Co-Publisher, DC Entertainment; Artist, Justice League), Matt Groening (creator, The Simpsons, Futurama), Mike Richardson (founder, Dark Horse Comics), Louise Nemschoff (entertainment lawyer, former CBLDF Board Member), Frenchy Lunning (educator), Chip Kidd (designer; writer/artist, Jimmy Corrigan), Susan Alston (initial full-time Executive Director, CBLDF).

In a press release the CBLDF stated that the Advisory Board would be “a body designed to assist the organization in advancing its mission to protect the First Amendment rights of the comics art form.” Which sounds ducky.

Congratulations and well-wishes to all the newly elected. If you really were the Justice League Denis Kitchen would be Superman, Neil Gaiman would be Wonder Woman, Louise Nemschoff would be Oracle, Chip Kidd’d be Green Lantern, Frenchy Lunning would be Black Canary, and Frank Miller would, of course, be the goddamn Batman.

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