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Interior Art, Locke & Key

“Locke & Key”- a horror/fantasy comic from the mind of Joe Hill (“Heartshaped Box”, “Horns”) and the pen of Gabriel Rodriguez (“The Great and Secret Show”) – has won a slew of awards, earned accolades from critics and fans alike, and permanently marked both men as talents well worth following. With “Locke & Key” barreling toward its final issue, a good number of people have been wondering what’s next for Hill and Rodriguez in the comics world, and today Hill has given readers a first hint at what that future will entail.


Hill took to Twitter this afternoon to announce that he’d turned in the last Locke & Key script last night, and that “This mornin’ [Gabriel Rodriguez] and I get approved on a cape thing.”


It’s unclear what “cape thing” Hill and Rodriguez will be applying their prodigious talents to (will it involve actual capes? Is that just shorthand for a “superhero book”?), but it is clear, based on their work together throughout “Locke & Key”‘s run, that fans of all stripes should be paying attention – whatever cape-related activities those two are plotting, it’s going to be well worth tuning in for.

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