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New Batman Set to Debut in DC’s “Earth 2”

Earth 2 Bats Cover
Cover to Earth 2 Annual #1

*Warning – (Very) Mild Spoilers from Earth 2 #1 and E2 Annual #1 are contained below*
Speaking at this year’s WonderCon 2013, Earth 2 writer James Robinson announced that a brand new Batman will be debuting in Earth 2 Annual #1, scheduled for release on May 29th. Robinson also debuted some spiffy-looking artwork from the issue by Yildiray Cinar, CAFU and Julius Gopez.

Earth 2 New Bats
Interior Art, Earth 2 Annual #1

Robinson stated that “this new Batman…will be a big part of ‘Earth 2’ and a big part of the DC Universe…He’ll be around forever.” Robinson told MTV Geek that “everything he does from the Annual onward will have huge implications for the DC Universe.” Robinson’s announcement sparked excitement and speculation over the new Batman’s identity, and once again proved the durability of The Wayne Certainty Principle.

The Wayne Certainty Principle states that any book not actually starring Batman will inevitably contain Batman (books starring Batman will inevitably contain multiple Batmen). Despite writer James Robinson’s efforts to prevent the fulfillment of the Principle by killing Batman in Earth 2’s very first issue, the Dark Knight Rises once again in Earth 2 Annual #1. It’s unclear who will be wearing the cowl, as Bruce Wayne appeared to have perished fighting Darkseid and his minions.

Robinson would not divulge the identity of the new caped crusader, but confirmed that “This isn’t some new person coming in to be Batman. This is definitely a part of Batman lore.”

At that point Robinson began simply repeating the word “Batman” over and over and over like a zen mantra before being escorted away by DC lawyers.

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