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All-Star Western #18 Review

All-Star Western #18

Written by: Justin Gray & Jimmy Palmiotti

Art by: Moritat

Backup Art by: Staz Johnson

Cover by: Glenn Fabry

Reviewed by Talisha Harrison aka Tali Adina

The conclusion of Vandal Savage’s savage attack on Gotham and his kidnapping of the Dark Knight’s ancestor occurs in this issue of All-Star Western. The snow has fallen on the ground freezing and covering up the dead and the crazed living who killed and murdered each other as Dr. Arkham and Jonah Hex make their way across the walled part of Gotham to find Vandal Savage and recover Mrs. Wayne.  They received help and weapons from a short source and finally pick up Savage’s trail and recover Mrs. Wayne alive after Hex ‘kills’ Savage.

But we know Savage can never die and so this story’s conclusion is not in sight.

In the spring Hex leaves the wretched Gotham leaving Arkham in the dust-well he boots him out of the train-as he heads west to start a new adventure.

In the next chapter of the backup story Stormwatch, we’re introduced to the Dr. Thirteen of the 1800’s who solves a murder and returns to Gotham only to be met by a magical stranger. There’s much afoot in the pages of All-Star Western and much to look forward to in the future.

I love this writing duo of Palmiotti and Gray (I also got to meet them at MegaCon a few weeks back, nice fellows they are) and this series continues to be amazing.  The mysterious Moritat’s art continues to express the cold, rough, and adventurous nature of the stories that are scripted.


Buy it. The adventures of Hex are just going to get bigger.

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