Planetoid #5 Review


Planetioid #5 Review

Story, Art, & Lettering by: Ken Garing

Design & Logo by Drew Gill

Reviewed by Talisha Harrison aka Tali Adina

The conclusion of Ken Garing’s amazing mini-series arrived this week and it was a great conclusion to this series. Though it’s been another three months since readers had to wait for this conclusion, it was well worth the wait.

After rallying the survivors who are stuck on the planetiod and creating a community for them to live in, the powers that be had taken notice and Silas  after escaping torture and almost dying of hunger was rescued by the blind lizard and  Onica and are on their way back to the camp to prepare for the final battle against the Rovers and their masters.  During this fight, Silas must make the decison does he stay and fight, or does he escape and leave the community to die?

The conclusion of this story succeeds in bring a successful and beautiful ending to this sci-fi tale.  Garing’s writing and artwork work in perfect unison. The plotting and scripting of this tale was manificently done. His characters are well-developed unique creatures who exist in this world. Through them, Garing depicts aspects of our humanity, it’s a truly introspcetive study.  I loved his depiction of the planetoid skyline with its towering masses of space junk. He really brings out the sci-fi and post-apocalyptic aspects of his world.


This is a buy for me. The entire series is a whole buy for me. I think readers will truly enjoy this tale of the Planetoid and its inhabitants.


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