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Some series just can’t seem to catch a break. After the announcement made earlier this week that Andy Diggle would be leaving Action Comics before a single issue of his run was released, it seems that the new writer/artist Tony S Daniel will be leaving after only one arc. The reason for his leave is due to him taking on a new “massive” project with DC, something he’d been working on since last fall.

Daniel had this to say on his personal Facebook regarding the situation:

“Yes, many have heard, Andy Diggle left Action Comics after the first issue. I can only say I feel bad he made that decision. I think it was the wrong one, but that was his choice to make. For the remainder of the arc I’ll be working off his plots to finish out this first arc. So essentially, I become ‘scripter’ in the credits w/ Andy as ‘plotter.’ As for myself, I end my short run after I complete this first arc, which ends with issue 21. This was preplanned since last fall as there is another project I’ll be taking on, and assisting with, a massive project with DC. I still think people will like this arc and I’m staying as true as I can be to Andy’s plans for this story. In the end I hope he’ll find it somewhat recognizable as something he took part in.”

What are your thoughts on this announcement? Who do you think will take over after Daniel leaves? What is this “massive” project he’s working on? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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    • Travis McCollum

      I wasn’t a big fan of his run on Detective Comics either, but I thought he’d do a good job alongside Diggle on Action Comics. Even still, I thought he’d do a good job pulling double duty on the book. I guess my thing is I’m bummed AC can’t seem to hold a steady team after Morrison left. Makes me wonder about the future of the book.

  1. Luciano M

    What’s with DC’s problems with there creative teams. Not sure if they are pissing them off or if the people in power just keep shuffling things up in a scramble to keep up with the Marvel now initiative. Either way you don’t seem to see these issues arise at Marvel. There top creative teams seem to be committed and happy with what they are working on. DC has a bad track record in a short time with their creative talent.

    • Sean Lamont

      One of the major differences off the bat (pun not intended) is that DC is sticking firm with their zero-delays policy. So the artistic side is burning out/subbing out/scrambling around a bit more than Marvel’s side who will delay a flagship book a month if needs be. Obviously pros and cons to both sides there.

      And second, Marvel’s on cruise control by keeping their past intact. The rules are already there as for who knows who, what came before, etc, etc. No such deal over at DC, so again, I’m guessing there are a lot of zero hour decisions being made as to details that have the potential to absolutely devastate the story a writer has pitched/started/etc; which can lead to some grumbling for certain.

      Not saying either setup is better, but Marvel is playing prevent defense (very conservative) while DC is tossing the long ball every play (willing to try anything). It’s pretty easy to see why one of those setups may frazzle some folks. 🙂

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