Superior Spider-Man #6 Review

Superior Spider-Man #6

Written by Dan Slott

Art by Humberto Ramos

Ink by Victor Olazaba

Colors by Edgar Delgado

Reviewed by Steve Seigh

Anyone who’s been following the superior adventures of Spider-Man lately knows that things are really starting to heat up. Otto Octavius, as Spider-Man, has been busy, all but ruining the good name of your friendly neighborhood wall-crawler, and it’s only a matter of time before he’s asked to answer for his recent behavior. Dan Slott has been doing a masterful job of dangling that moment of “when will someone out Spider-Man for his recently outlandish and violent  approach to crime fighting” in front of us, pretty much since the start of this series. And now, finally, both the public  as well as other masked heroes, are beginning to take notice.

This particular issue features the antics of two rather seemingly harmless villains, Screwball and Jester, capering about the city while creating all manner of humiliations for New York City’s populous.  With a bag full of gags and a camera that streams directly to their internet channel, their most recent target, Mayor Jameson, suffers at being the the butt of their latest joke. Now if you know Jonah like I do, you’re aware that there is no way in Sam Hill he’ll stand for this level of indignation. These marry pranksters must be brought to justice. It’s time to call upon the speed and strength of Spider-Man to bring them down. Only … this Spider-Man likes bullies even less than the real Peter Parker. I’m thinking this wasn’t the wisest course of action for Jonah to take.

Anyone who listens to the Talking Comics Podcast knows that I’ve been a huge fan of Superior Spider-Man from the start. Dan Slott has not only given the character of Spider-Man a fresh spin but it’s my belief that he’s also laying the ground work for an exceptional story about redemption. A lot of fans have complained about the death of Peter Parker and the current state of Spider-Man; but let me as you this … How awesome will it be when Peter finally fights back? What is he going to come back to after Otto presumably will have destroyed his reputation? Who will trust Spider-Man after he’s maimed and killed in the name of vengeance? I personally think it’s going to be one hell of a ride and a beautiful transformation of the character. It will effect the way people remember Spider-Man for a very long time. I guess what I’m trying to say is that if you’re not reading along you could end up coming back to Spider-Man very uninformed.

Oh, and did I mention Humberto Ramos is back on art? Aw yeah! Don’t get me wrong, I love me some Ryan Stegman, but having Ramos back with Dan Slott is a dream come true. He hasn’t lost a beat within the Spider-Man universe and fits right into this new iteration of the character. The book also continues to be as bright and colorful as ever with the inks and color work of Victor Ozlazaba and Edgar Delgado. Each of them contributes to what amounts to a powerhouse team on the book and their efforts make me smile.


Buy it! Like I’d said earlier … Superior Spider-Man has really grown into its own over the course of the first arc. We’re really starting to see the pieces fall into place of what I suspect will be an amazing story in the Spider-Man universe about redemption and responsibility. Dan Slott, took a major leap with this milestone in Spidey’s long career as a hero, and what better way to make him shine brighter than having him come back after being so broken by his greatest foe?

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